Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


He’s taking down obsidians with level ~50 towers. So he’ll upgrade them to 60 for the next tier. :man_shrugging:

His base is rock solid. No reason why he can’t defend next tier too.


Yes, in time. The jump from 50 to 60 is a loooot of rss. The new tier can be out in one week. Again, I don’t say his base is not good. It is great ! for now. Later, who knows ? Only 5 strong towers maybe will not be enough.


You are contradicting yourself my friend. I am able to take down obsidians, only obsidians that I have difficulty taking down are warriors because they have a lot of HP, and when I say that I don’t mean that they can 100% my base, they just fly through my base without dying but they cant kill all my towers because warriors suck…

I can comfortably kill any hunter and sorcerer obsidians with lvl 48-51 towers…

So since I have lvl 50 towers now, how come obsidians are not taking my base like nothing ???

So all these tiers are going to be coming out and my towers will stay the same level? You don’t think they will progress as well… I am not bragging I’m just saying how it is… Oh well…


New tier comes out players still need to breed and level which is a lot of rss and time too. So your argument makes no sense my friend. In fact it’s probably easier to level a tower from 50 to 60 than it is to get the next tier to expert.

If 5 towers is enough now I don’t see how 5 towers would be insufficient later. The only risk I see is to his farms as they can’t go above 50 at the moment. But if they do watch out!


I don’t know what the heck are you trying to say. But you’re welcomed to attack coach and I’ll see if you stand by your tough words.


Better yet, please talk shit about my base too because my base suck for next tier as well lmao XD


He did yesterday. Got 7% with Leos. Doubt he can get further with another drag. He doesn’t have obsidians yet.


Guys, I think you are getting me wrong. I don’t talk shit about Coach base. I say that he has a great base and I even attacked him with Leos at level 50 last night to show how good his base was against him.
I just say that any base can be taken with the right strategy. Brute force doesn’t always work. That’s all.


It’s not like Coach is out of resources lol. He will adapt to whatever the update brings, if needed. I’m sorry I missed the stream last night.


Ok. Good to know. I don’t imagine anyone with a strategy in building that’s much better, unless he can max or get close to current max with a short base


Hmm… I am not sure about your assertion about making expert a dragon. I am usually experting my dragons pretty quick - those whom I like to expert. I made Leos 50 in about 7 days and this because I wasn’t sure about his potential. I have a team mate who expert his Noctua in less than 24 hours. His fingers were in pain, but he did it ! So, if some at my level can do it, be sure others can do it faster.
I remember when Moonfang was annouced and next day, less than 24 hours, ToNyRen posted a video on YouTube with Moonfang expert. I was in wow ! Nice job ToNyRen ! That’s commitement ! And I am sure ToNyRen is not the only one who likes to expert all that’s new. I am ready to bet he’ll expert the new mythic of this season quicker than we can imagine. If the mythic is worthy of attention, of course. So, I am sure once the new tier is annouced, next day or two we will see expert dragons of new tier on the sky of War Dragons.


You can spend to level dragons, you can spend to level towers :man_shrugging:

Edit: but I’ll concede yes you can level drags thru sheer grit alone. Towers need timers.


I’d like to say a few things :slight_smile:

  1. His base is rock solid, and I think its an EXCELLENT guide for most players

  2. There are workarounds, that still kill him - I showed him two, but its definitely not for the average person that will underestimate it, and I’m pretty sure now that his base is stronger I will struggle to repeat it.

  3. I’d like to say that yes ofc his base can be beaten, but I think for his LEVEL, his base is pretty damn good. I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in attacking a base in a long time - had to think

So kudos to you Coach! Keep rocking

Ps. I want to play more :stuck_out_tongue:


Appreciate it bro!!! We can have a session again so you can fly against me again:)



Hi, can you comment on the reasons for the layout of the two mages, dark flak and storm tower on the long island please? I understand why those four are on the front of the long island. I was hoping for clarification/insight as to why those specific positions are used though. Thanks.


@Blah765 I apologize for not responding your private message on here.

The reason for the positioning is the following:

I like having Red mage in the middle due to the fact that it covers everything on the front part of the middle island which guards it from being Death Gazed by extra spell equipped on the dragons. I like having my ice turret behind the blue mage towers as the blue doesn’t get shielded by the storm so the extra amor helps it survive longer. Storm in the back covers everything but the blue mage tower. This means that attacker will have to either kill my blue first then storm or go for storm first. If it you decide to kill my blue first that means you’re giving extra time for my Dark Flak to deal tons of damage as it will be the 3rd tower killed. If you decide to kill my storm first you will not have enough time to destroy both, my Blue and my Flak, because they are the highest level towers and your dragon will already be passing by them. (Take into account that Supershots on Dark Flak, which I spam, stun your dragon repeatedly).

I’m not sure if I explained this correctly as it might not be easy to understand.


Got it. Thanks!


I think he asked why on long island? May be he wanted to compare those 5 tower setup on perch island specially considering a sorcerer dragon on perch will boost additional 25% ice shield and 0.5 second flak stun.

on other notes, I noticed keeping your setup performs better for AI defending in comparison to 5 tower setup on perch. Active defending could be subjective discussion but I noticed 5 tower setup on perch island does slightly more damage but I could be wrong. Also long island setup gives you option to set up small rage island.


No, I think he asked why the setup of the front part of long island is the way it is. Having your big towers on short island was my initial layout but having it on the long island is more efficient. Rage drain island is a huge deal when you are defending. Also 4 level 50 farms on other short island is tough to beat with any dragon at highest tier with the additional HP boost from the Perch dragon.

Benefits of using a long island, if you can see on my base I have a fire turret right behind it, it’s supershot has long range and when I use it it increases the damage taken by the dragon so the output of the front 5 towers is greater then it would be on the short island.


This :smiling_imp: