Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


just random thought.
won’t it be good idea to max out those non elemental towers once you are done with maxing out elemental tower though there will be always new level towers. I have always thought why folks don’t create maxed out non-elemental towers setup along with storm and mages. Specially to counter dragons like necryx or something on similar notes. My point is for AI defending.I know there is rage island setup but player also equip all sort of rage regeneration runes to best utilize elemental barrier or of course tactical flying skills of cloak.


Necryx and what else? :slight_smile: If I’m defending Necryx he’ll never have enough rage for the barrier. If nobody’s defending Necryx will be able to solo my base regardless of if I have high non-elemental towers or not. And when it comes to the farm island he will struggle again.

If I did have higher level towers in the back then my front towers would have been lower at the front at level 210. If that was the case my base would be just an average level base that is exposed to any type of dragon. Having strong front 5 might make me weak against ONLY Necryx when I’m not defending (because that is the only dragon with elemental barrier as far as I know). You don’t change the philosophy of your base based on 1 instance.



Agree and high level farms are life saver.

well…then I should give up the idea of AI defending sucessful against Necryx. I just don’t like Necryx being the only dragon to solo my base (though AI does counter some times :star_struck: ) where no other contemporary dragon based on my base level 133 has any chance to do solo. Another beast Hauheset is on his way as I move to sapphire territory.

thanks for your guidance Coach. Respect !!


You’re welcome. Hauheset is better then Necryx about 5 times :slight_smile: Have fun :smiley:


Hey Coach, on my base I have the same main 5 towers except flip-flopped (blue/flak swapped spots, and ice/storm swapped spots). Is there any difference between one way or the other? Thanks in advance sir.


Now that I am thinking about your question @CheekyGrinch I might swap around the sides as you mentioned.

99.9% of the time there’s no difference. 0.01% hunter can start tapping my blue mage tower before the dragon fully turns the corner, but if I swap the way you said it his taps on flak are going to be useless because it is going to be shielded one the dragon turns and the first hammer will heal the initial damage.

I will play around and test it.


I’ve always put my dark flak on the left (attacker’s right) and just switched it to match yours. Don’t do this to me. LOL.


Haha, like I said, 99.9% of the time it doesn’t make a difference. Literally 99.9% of the time :slight_smile: I absolutely makes no difference if there is no storm tower behind the dark flak tower… If you have storm in the middle then it makes 0 difference.


I think I originally had my first five like

Dark - Blue
Red - Storm

but I probably switched the Ice and storm around. My main also is not ideal because I’ve got multiple dark/ice/fire instead of just maxing the hell out of one each. Trying to rectify those errors with my new alts.


Without having ever studied your base or even heard of it, I arrived at the same setup you have over time. (First 8 towers on the Long Island are the same and I only have slightly diferent placement on the first towers in the second grouping)

I chose to put my blue mage on the right (approaching as an attacker) after swapping it back and forth with dark flak due to finding that more often than not the right side was where people decided to attack first. I think this is due to the path the dragon flies being offset to the right so there is room for the spell buttons on the left. I also don’t know if proximity is true or calculated from the middle, but if it true, then the dragon will lose its blue spell/shield a split second faster if it’s aligned with the side that the dragon flies on.

I did arrive at my placement (like you have/had) after trying it on both sides and finding I took down more dragons on the right side. Not sure what you mean about having a few seconds to attack on the corner. Because the dragon flies on the right hand side following the outside of that turn, the view for me is almost identical as to when I can start tapping on any towers.


Very nice base , nice project ! :slight_smile:
Its nice to see you growing to max towers with short level ! :slight_smile:


I apologize, I meant few milliseconds, you can attack the front right tower (from fliers perspective) before the turn is complete.

I used to think that if I have the first tower that flier see’s (Blue mage) that he will have less time to cast the blue spell. (I did this when Sage just came out). I came to find out that it makes no difference if blue is on the left or right side.

Therefore, now I’m thinking about putting Dark Flak on the other side and testing how it goes, also swapping Ice Turret and Storm.

Just thinking on fly here. I’m at work so I can’t really put 100% thought in it right now haha.


I had been told by the person who originally helped lay my base out that having the dark flak on the attacker’s right would make it fire quicker due to timing/range but again this might very well just be milliseconds if that. I am not versed enough myself to properly judge.


Hau can cast sand on front left as his timeshift ends and rewind back to short6. If its your only blue that may or may not be an issue.

Avyx can kill whatever tower (lvl 60) is front left before anyone can stop it due to pre casting talon.

Hope that helps


In that case, you’re welcome :rofl::wink:

Kidding, other than the swapped towers the general idea of my defense is modeled off of yours.


Thanks for that insight, haven’t faced Avyx on my base yet, would have to see how that would look like, granted that you have enough rage for Talon after rage drain island, same goes for Hau’s rage.


Hau might struggle. Thing about avyx is its a 1 rage spell.

Thats why he is so good btw


Your blue mage should have more hp than your flak at same level unless you have a flak hp rider?


My Flak is higher then Mage atm :slight_smile:


HEY coach! I’m a level 54, almost level 55 and need help on making a better and stronger base layout. But i can’t decide on how to make it, can you help me, please?