Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Hey mate,

Did you get a chance to watch the video that is in the initial post?


Coach, looking for a little assistance. At the end of your video, you were making 2 lightning towers, ice, dark flak, and a storm, and looked like you moved your front kill island up to where your mage drain ‘was’. However, i’m Curious to where the lightning towers were going to go. I have a teammate who is around that stage with his base and trying help him out (his layout is not the best…)

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hey, hoping to get some help as I had taken a long break from the game and I have a long base so wondering the best way to shorten it but not overlevelling for base and dragons


You’ll need to take a hit on base power for a while I’m afraid. Look at Coach’s video above, and mechengg’s guide in another thread. then decide on the 5 tower combo you want. Then just focus on those 5 towers. Depending on what level you are currently and how many towers you built previously, it may take you a few months to get those towers up to an appropriate level. But it can be done!



As far as the lightning towers in general, they are only useful, in my opinion in the back of long bases as they have the longest range. At the time I was making the video I was considering using lightning towers in the back of the middle long island. Since, I decided to go with archer, cannon, fire turret, blue and red mage towers in the back of the middle island.


I suggest you follow @TheRedDelilah check-in chart on her website, it will tell you when you should be leveling your base based on what dragons you have. I will post a link to that at the end of this response. As far as storing your building, I would suggest you look at my base in game and see the setup I currently have. Other then what I have you don’t need anything else. Like @Grumpybigbird said focus on five towers and keep leveling those 5 towers only. Don’t bring all your towers to an average level.

Hopefully this helps and here is the link to Red’s check-in.


Level 44 with average 11 towers :sob:
And thank you @coach :blush:


Ah you’ll recover in no time! Level 44 is easy to recover from. Follow Coach’s advice and go from there!


New updated coming soon after I finish this Forti! :slight_smile:


Step 1, forget everything you learned so far.


Step 2: Gain 50 levels adjusting the base.


Haha, not really, as I’ve always preached. Storms and mages are the most important towers, so people that have built right won’t be so screwed as people that went for Flaks and Turrets for “Points in Fortification”

As far as the rebalance, I posted on another thread in here. Yeah it sucks, but I don’t think it is as bad as it everybody makes it out to be. Is it unfair? Definitely.

I am probably biased because my towers are over lvl 50 now. Undefended my base is stronger because normal flak damage is higher then what it used to be before the rebalancing. I did suffer on the supershot damage from my flak when I defend. I do like the change on Ice Turret. Giving more armor is very useful, and having high lvl storm tower shielded by Ice Turret will make it live a little bit longer. Enough for extra 2-3 shots by Flak.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I wish I could revert this rebalancing. At this point just need to learn to live with it.

But don’t say I didn’t call this happening! :slight_smile: When we had those Flak and Turret rebalancing threads. Everybody wanted to have their opinion heard! I remember majority of the people saying increase normal damage… xD People got to vote even though they had no idea what they were talking about. Well here it is, same people are crying about the changes that happened. Grass is not always greener on the other side…

I still blame PG, not the community, because they allowed non-factors to vote on such large changes… Let them vote on dragon design, leave the important stuff to people that know what they are doing.

As far as base building, I’ve done a lot of thinking. I don’t foresee a DRASTIC change in the style of building proposed by @mechengg and myself, but that could change at some point. Still waiting for all this mess to be where they planned it to be and will make decision then.


I don’t think people would’ve voted that way if they knew it’d be a 60% nerf :rofl: - wording was dodgy on the options and not what a typical player would think vs what PG was thinking. Anyway, I’ll get out of your thread, haha.


I’m sure they wouldn’t lol. But you’re giving ammo to PG to make their own numbers etc… :slight_smile:

Please don’t leave my thread! :slight_smile: You’re always welcome and I embrace having knowledgable people in here :slight_smile:


Can I ask what a non factor is?


That’s true that if you had 2 mages and a storm on every section you only have to discard 40% of your base and not more.

Dark flak was pretty much mandatory. Not so much anymore. I’m considering removing mine completely.

I’ve been very neutral but I’m finding in a war that it’s a snooze fest.

Only one base has been difficult and while
I can’t figure out why exactly, I’m sure when my rhyo or estril is maxed it won’t be.

I don’t think it’s unfair. We were all impacted equally. It’s a lot of entitlement to say you should be able to do something when nobody else can either.

I do think there is less strategy right now. Both in dragon flying and base defense.

I was excited about the flak as well but I can’t build anything to put up any fight vs rhyo noctua or harbingers undefended. It’s basically the same walk in the park as it was, but now it’s useless defended as well.

I’ve buit the new tower and I have ideas with it. But they aren’t really helping. So far I’ve flak is ignorable. Increased fire turret is good but avoidable with a Hunter.

I don’t think I want it reverted. I just want it balanced. Dark flak was way over powered. So much so it could do 3 towers worth of damage allowing you flexibility on 5 tower spots that you shouldn’t have had.

If I was in your shoes I might be happier, but I’m not as lean as you.

And the real problem is if I have to throw some level 59 towers into storage I will no longer be lean.

And their balance threads they basically did the opposite of. I don’t think the votes matter unless you are saying they were always going to do the opposite of whatever was voted on.

I have built the same setup you have more or less. I can tell you at the top it does almost zero now with 3 defenders.

I was excited for higher dark flak normal attack but no dragons seem impacted. I was excited about higher ice turret shielding but it doesn’t seem to help. Considering trying a double ice turret. Canon damage reduced so that really
Is only for breaking shields now. Fire turret increase doesn’t seem to matter.

Im convinced ice flak will eventually have a nitch everyone will use them for.

I’m considering trying doubling or triplng flak. The one base I had trouble with had an unusual flak config.

Considering swapping canon for ice flak as it’s long range and breaks shields.

I’ll be interested to see what you come up with.


I still like it, it is still the highest damaging tower in the game, what do you consider replacing it with?

I never said it’s unfair to me only, I meant to the whole player base as a whole.

In general, I agree with your points, I agree that towers needed to be nerfed. Im unaware of what level you are at right now. But yes, dragons are imbalanced. Expert Neptus was destroying level 60 towers before the nerf, let alone now.

I do think that research will come into play now though, as well as defender riders gear in order to get more out of your towers which I do like. I am disappointed in the reviews of Ice Flak right now because I had some plans for it but until they rebalance Ice Flak I will not be building it.

To shoot you straight I will get all my focus towers to 52 this event. Next event I should unlock 3 builder hut levels and will be able to get my towers to 56. If there is no change until then I don’t foresee changing my setup because I just don’t see anything else being able to output more damage. I initially was thinking about swapping Ice Turret with Ice Flak, but then Flak got nerfed to where it doesn’t affect ammo regeneration and the recent videos does not help it’s case.


Um no - they nerfed this too…

Supershot range is low - dark flak range - so no it will be unviable as a shield breaker


A person that doesn’t know what they are talking about.


One thought is an archer tower.
Another is a second ice turret for stacked shielding.

Depending on how ice flak works out maybe move my existing ice turret or red mage and then add 2 ice flak (one in each 5 tower grouping/island)

From a fairness perspective I think it is fair. It’s just not good.

Well. This isn’t really a problem. It’s part of the normal cadence. Happens before a new tower gets released. I only just got neptus and it will be a while before mine is maxed.

Well. It always has. It may be less diluted, but the guys I normally go against have almost always had maxed research. And I’m not really super thrilled about atlas only benefits with so few having atlas. 60% damage reduction doesn’t really get offset by anything research or riders.

I’m still trying to find a way to like the new world. Right now it’s misery loves company.

I’m seeing some evidence that ice turret might actually be reducing Hunter regen. Or else a dark flak + fire flak could be a better combo.

I’m still experimenting. I have a level 48 ice flak that theoretically from a distance can do more dps than a similar dark flak (as long as nobody supershots it). Maybe two of them. I’ll definitely take the one to max level. I have 300k extra elemental embers to throw away.

Undefended i have zero confidence of stopping an obsidian+ player even if I got all my towers to 60. It would be nice for defended to do more than add a defense point.


A person who is not Coach.