Base Building Guide / Tips - How to build your base strong and smart

I put together this video guide on some big base building tips to ensure you’re building smart, strong, and efficient.

If you have more tips to share please do!

Also in the description of the video is a link to a video about how to use the fortification planner, as well as a video on when/how to decide to build an additional flak to make sure you have the means to support it.

Hope this helps!

I am hoping to also soon have a video on recommended base layout from early levels so help new players start off right before it’s too late! I’ll post that link below when it’s done!


Great video. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Always upgrade my storage hut when I’m done with fortification yes having a perch where 100% buffs are unlocked helps as this account is a alternate as a free to play only paying for elite helps the $40 a year helps ALOT egg tokens and double building while not touching my storage hut I can build other towers while saving speeds ups until I upgrade storage again as the final score then work on a building one until maxed or fortification comes back I advise everyone to get the tree of speed ups which I done as this account I be using to get a mythic as a free to play player by using discipline, smart logical choices, and rational little to no spends on rubies. So when I go for mythic as a free to play player I do the half off dragon to save sigils then just save after the half off ends until double sigil weeks come

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