Base Building Guide / Tips / Layout / Flak choice / Fortification planner

When I first started playing I had no clue what to do with my base… lucky for me, I’m neurotic and refused to do much progression on my base until I could find solid information and actually understand it better - so I did my research.

Unfortunately, that’s not the most fun for most players, so many don’t and therefore make mistakes they regret - luckily merging and transformation can help fix that but better to build your base right in the first place.

So I have put together several videos I have made that are related to base building and fortification which I think people could benefit from, and hopefully someone comes across these early to make understanding this critical component of the game a little bit easier!

Base Building Tips / Guide:

Base Layout Guide:

When to build second flak:

Fortification planner:

Tower Transformation / Merging:


Killer videos man. Thanks for putting them together.


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