Base Building Guide

Please leave as many base guides as possible, with a description about how they work, and I’ll try to use them to come up with THE guide for all lvls.

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You mean like @mechengg already has?


Please do NOT try to copy or replicate my work in any way shape or form. You do NOT have my permission


Why would you be able to do something better than what’s already out there?

Edit replying to OP

Base Building Guide: At Lvl 1, Build 100 Lvl 1 archer towers so that you can unlock ballistas. Now, build as many ballistas as possible and be sure to keep to level them up during PvP events.

I guarantee you all if you use this guide, you will might shoot down a lvl 1 ember!! :scream::scream::scream:


Or coach. I can’t find the link though :thinking:

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The key is…wait for it…ballistas, dramatic pause. :exploding_head:


But @mechengg “Copying is the sincerest form of flattery” :rofl::laughing::rofl:

cause I CAN

Please respond that you understand my comment.

no one cares mechengg. sure, you built the ultimate base. I have no way to counter that, but since I’m inactive, you can’t just walk up to my base and kill me 7000 times

You asked for guides so you could use them to write your own.

Mechengg is saying you don’t have his permission to “borrow” or use anything from his guide and is asking for clarification that you understand.

“Kid, Free to play, very smart at game, usually very active”

Make your own guide since you’re smart. Instead of making a thread asking for people to leave the base building guide use the search option and you’ll find everything. Also good luck on making your team rofl. Excited to see how that ends.

Since when? Rofl

how do you shut down a discussion?

You ask a moderator (like me) to close the thread.

Close the thread

Oh, and it’ll end in your destruction, COACH

I’m back online, so if u attack me, that’s free xp for those at lower lvls.
My base is shit

If your base is “shit,” what makes you think you can actually write a base building guide that will be useful?

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Because I’m repairing my “base” AND IT SHOULD BE DONE BY LVL 100 sorry caps lock