Base call button for wars

My thought is to add a button to the left of someones name that will allow a specific person to call that base out for wars. So say that people won’t be in to the wars until like 12 hours in, and they have been talking a lot of trash to that player. They can hit that button and it will post there name in a different color saying hey don’t hit this person I want to attack them. That way people know to leave it for that person, but if need be they could still attack it say if it was the last base left. I just know some people call specific bases out on my team and they get killed before they get a chance to attack them due to people not reading the mail, but this way it will show up in the war menu and there isn’t a reason to attack it then.


@PGCrisis This is a good suggestion. No more confusion in targets for war anymore!

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Until I see they change the description of defence point, I dont believe anything about war will change

I’d like a graphic that reads, “IN THE FAAAACE” in lights and streamers to be added on the end of replays as well. Please and thank you.


create a war group chat in game. inform your team that there will be a war tonight and with what team. have them post in the war room the level and name of target for first wave. no need for a button

But this would help to do the coordination of it…which would be quite helpful.

When a war is declared, go scope targets and lock in your player. Then before you fly you guys can pair up and make adjustments if people can’t clear certain bases. It makes sense as an add-on feature for me TBH


the problem is we have some illiterate people lol we have tried this. At least this fix would be right in the face

Especially if there is some duplicate warning when you try to attack it?

“Are you sure? Xxxxxx has called this target for war.”

Yes! This would be amazing!

This could remove a lot of stress for officers or players that run war waves.

It could also help a lot when several enemy bases have the same level so there will be less confusion.

Not a bad idea really :+1:

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