Base defence and hammers

Hey guys just a quick question on defending bases with hammers.

When I defend a base with hammers it feels like there is a very short maybe 1/4 second timer on each hammer click and then maybe another 1/4 second to physically click and drag drop the hammer to repair buildings - lets say half a second all up.

Yet when I attack bases I see some people dropping them like Jackie Chan dropping axe kicks10x fast forward speed. They are so fast that a tower I can 2-3 shot undefended cant even be scratched with a hunter. It kinda looks like they pick up 4-5 hammers and drop them a split second apart.

I have seen some guys do it faster than 3 defenders.

I just wanted to know is it my device making things look this way ( latency ) or is there actually a way to drop hammers like it’s my last day on earth?

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Yes, but it’s cheating… (but I dunno how they do it, I just know it’s one of the ways people cheat).

So if you are trying to play the game the way it was meant to be played, there’s not really a way to drop hammers faster except by trying to naturally speed up your click and drag rate.


If you zoom in on the island or the towers you want to fix that seems to speed up your hammer drop a little .

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I have no interest in cheating just wasn’t sure if I was doing it right given so many people are hammer spamming these days.

Thanks for the info and hopefully PG close down whatever loophole that is.

Tower heal effect stack by hammers With multiple defenders. Multiple defender if drop :hammer: at same time, you can have tower almost heal from 5% to 90% hp.

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