Base Defending Issue/Bug


Im not sure what has occurred in the recent updates however the base defense items are harder to grab and drop on the base you are defending now. When you grab it sometimes it graps the map and drags it instead. almost like the hotspot has a gap in it. Can you guys look into this. I feel like we have lost some defenses due to this.

Lord Zion


It sounds like you’re experiencing the tappable area for the buttons aren’t as padded as they were before. As far as i know, only the “swap” button should have changed with this past update. We’ll have our testers take a look.


It’s not just this last update it’s since 3 main updates ago. And your right it does seem like the padding. But it does the same thing in dragon selection in regular attacks as well. I will attempt to record it.

Lord Zion


Agreed it’s an issue I thought it was just me!
Glad I’m not alone!


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