Base Defense Discrepancy


Ok so when I look at my base boosted, my base defense shows 85.9m. However, when a teammate views my base, it shows 25m defense. Why is there is 65m defense discrepancy? How are we to truly know how much our base defense is?

Defense Power Difference?
Defense power differences

When you see your defense, it accounts both sets of boosts
When someone looks at your base, it accounts for one set of boosts
When someone sees your profile it counts for none

Or something. @mechengg knows.


Ah! So I see the boosts from runes and from the defense and attack boosts? Whereas, someone else will only see, for example, defense amount from base runes?


Something like that yeah


Its something along the lines of if your base is boosted, you see both boosts stacked (base power x 1.3 attack x 1.3 defense) which is around equal to 1.69 x base power

Others see only one of the boosts i believe (even though this is always off by a small bit for some reason) it usually shows somewhere close to (base power x 1.3 attack and/or boost) for a total of 1.3 x base power.

So you technically see about 30% more power on your screen than they do on their attack screen.

And viewing a profile is even different from that, i think that some times it completely disregards boosts and shows approximately 40% lower than what you see. (100% - 100%/169%)

But this is all just by trial and error and asking around. It’s the closest approximation i’ve found over several bases, however there are always cases that don’t fit this pattern either so I’m not 100% confident in any of this.

Your case seems quite bizarre since you are losing significantly more than the 40% that i’ve typically seen. for some reason pictures aren’t showing up for me so i can’t really see what you are showing here. Maybe i’ll try another browser

Base Defense Numbers

Interesting - I have noticed that with my own base - and when I view my base from my son’s account - and it is always lower when I view my base via him.

Thank You for the info!


Thanks for that great explanation. It makes sense. But, you’re right mine is a special case :grin:. Here are the images again. I’m just curious why such a discrepancy? You’re explanation makes sense because I’ve taken on bases showing 10m defense that has stopped necryx at lvl 40 with fully maxed rider grogg. It’s very weird.


:thinking: so which is the most accurate view of defense level?


Ignore that number and look at tower levels instead.


I upgrade all my farms from 39 to 44, I expected a big jump in defense and I got it as I leveled them to 42, but when I got them all to 44 my defense rating did not, and still has not changed. I sent a message in game to PG but they can’t do anything about it.


Farms give 0 defense increase. What you saw was either the huge jump right before event, a boost being applied, or runes being changed


Basically I’ve learnt to ignore those numbers. For example I have an alt that’s level 91. I’m currently 103.

When I look at my alt, defence power is 2.57M. When my alt looks at me, defence power is 2.52M. We both have basically the same set up, except my towers are about 2-3 levels higher than my alt. So this makes no sense that my defence power would be lower than my alt’s.

So…ignore this number, look at tower levels before you attack! :+1:


I have the same issue. I made a ticket. All they say is it’s a known issue and they are looking into it.


From what I understand… Obviously you see your base as is, with all buffs, rune effects, and research. When others view you they see it without any buffs, research, or runes/glyphs. Why that is makes no sense tbh… This is also the case with players atk power as well. Honestly doesn’t make any sense to keep it that way, renders the numbers useless mostly. The only thing I can think of is that coding in the necessary adjustments is too difficult or not important enough to do. Ive learned to ignore it… however it is rather annoying I agree.


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