Base defense drop?

Not sure whether this goes here or under War, but my boosted base dropped 17M in the last 3 hours with no changes. Anyone else have this happen? I wonder if it’s a bug like the one that popped up for Krelos…

Did your base 30% boost run out

Oh yeah AP and DP is always bugged lol

All towers were boosted 4 hours ago before wars started. I don’t know about a 30% boost.

Strange. I checked your bas; both Atk and Def boosts seem active on all islands, and riders are on both perches. Have you tried submitting a ticket yet? It may be a visual glitch.


It reset the next morning. I hard rebooted my device that night, restarted the game, base defense still low. Went to bed, next morning everything was normal. I dunno. Now I wonder whether anyone else has run into this.

If it happens, try changing your portrait. That forces a server cache update. Do it all the time for moving towers, storing towers, etc.

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Interesting suggestion. I will try that. Thank you.