Base Defense Level Doubt

Let said I have 10B defense base with all tower 80 and then PG introduce the tower level 85 to this game. If I never upgrade my tower from 80 to 85, will my defense power drops from 10B to 8B ???

No? Why would it?


I’m not sure why because I see my def base power fluctuate and I guess it may due to this scenario

Probably boosts. Or your perch dragon eating your rider for a few weeks with you none the wiser >:(

Always be sure to get someone to check what boosts your attack screen shows when making adjustments :slight_smile:


That’s where those riders are. I had been wondering about one or two of them. Will they be coughed up like fur-balls or do you have to hire them again?

To refresh your base, store the tower and replace it again. That’s what I did for my perch.

But why the difference in what I see as def points and what attackers see?

Boosts, and stuffs.

Still don’t get it. The number changes both for me and the viewer when I boost. And the attacker always sees a lower value. No dragon selected so it’s not an elemental debuff.

A way to inflate my ego when building my base?

Say, there is some buff the attacker can’t see.

Got it, thanks.
Never even occurred to me that PG can be that sneaky.

The difference can be very big in some cases, here below my own base as example at different vieuws.
Profile by base owner.

Profile by attacker:

View base by attacker: received_1501615486673047

It’s always been this way. Some of my teammates joke around during fort after multiple builds:

“Dude, what does mine say?”

“SWEET! What does mine say?!”

“DUDE! What does mine say?!?!?!”


Just bookmark your own account :wink:

What’s the fun in that? :rofl:

My alt has me bookmarked. She likes to randomly come hit me a bunch of times whenever I have super shot or defense team quests… She must be psychic or something :eyes:


Some might choose a different word. inco…

This is the 4th fort I’m experiencing mildly said ‘‘weird def numbers’’ , till few days ago I was sure it had something to do with final base boost prize until I got a reply that base boost is perfectly fine , but my rider att buff isn’t working and they are trying to solve it, so I am patiently waiting

I’ve never made sense of it. I recently upgraded my perch, forgot the dragon and rider were removed. My defense fell to 275 mil. Added Mehaten + rider with boosts of 64% Attack and 76% defense, it popped up to 835 mil. Just don’t see how that works out to a 3.5x multiple. In my case better than I expect, however.

Modifed attack x Modified HP / (Base attack x Base HP)

When you widdle it down formula wise you end up with
1+ Attack modifiers x 1 + HP modifiers
(1 + research + gear + rider + runes) x (1 + research + gear + rider + runes)

In your case just with the numbers you have
(1 + [avg 22%] + [combined 64%] + [assumed 0%]) x (1 + [avg 12%] + [combined 76%] + [assumed 0%])
= (1 + 0.22 + 0.64) x (1 + 0.12 + 0.76)
= 3.4968
Very close to 3.5x