Base design against Surt / UVS

So I’m designing my base against these 2 with a rage drain island, since building a base to defend with Ronin and Zenko are not nessessary if properly defended lol… until Surt/UVS are obsolete.

My question -------Does Surt have a way to dodge rage drain from mages?

For example for a short island… 1 storm in middle and 2 red mages, 1 blue mage and 1 ice turret.

RED MAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . ICE TURRET
. . . . . . . . . . . . . STORM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . <— Incoming Dragon
BLUE MAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . RED MAGE

SS activated on Storm, Ice Turret and Blue Mage.

I’m assuming there is no way for him to avoid getting hit with that rage drain from the blue mage, correct? Since the white incinerate can only kill one of the red mages.

I’m also assuming this rage drain island will be effective against UVS unless he uses his time shift to advance and gets the SS’s to blink.

Best way to stop uvs specifically is a double red mage kill island works 90% of the time defended.

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If the red mages are not equal, put the lower one in the back and the bigger one at the front. Incinerate will hit the back one unless very very quick shoot at the exact timing.

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Dark flak and ice flak. Toggle between super shots. Don’t bother with rage drain on Surt.


Right, probably a best approach. DF is what hurts me more

I would still drain just before the turn so it can’t double rag on me.

Surt achilles heel is fire flak and defender shield. If it can’t one shot your kill its dead.

UVS trick the attacker into using his shift by not super shotting everything. Wait. Once it shifts supershot your ice flak for when he returns. Once his shield is down he’s dead.

No need specialised builds. Both these dragons are killable if you know what you’re doing defensively.


good advice thanks!

My favorite method is to have an ice flak right about where he will show up after time shift so you can nail him and prevent his rewind. Since he likely flew over your kill, it really messes with people.

Smart people are careful, but thankfully smart people are on the endangered species list it seems.



I’m one of those smart players, I see so many UVS flyers don’t use “Atler Fate” an die when they could’ve use it to avoid dying or tower Ss.

I feel like it’s sometimes a game of “poisoned cup” where one of the cups is poisoned, and the poisoner offers you 1 of the 2 cups. Is the poison in the one he offered you or, knowing that that’d be suspicious, put it in his own cup, or knowing that that’s what a clever person would do, put it in the cup he offered.

Same thing with uvs, is he gonna tele? I’ll save my ss for after he gets back. Oh he never teled and now my red is gone and he froze my island…

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Or the really clever person spends several years building up an immunity to the poison and the puts the poison in both cups a la “The Princess Bride.”

Personally I think it’s more like playing a game of chicken. I know that sometimes I as the pilot waited a hair too long before hitting alter fate and so got hit :scream::see_no_evil:

Had the movie in my head the whole time I was writing my response :rofl:

The strange thing I’ve noticed is that a good amount of people don’t even bother to do the rewind, which means they have to use a second and or 3rd dragon to finish my base, which my ratios are thankful for but it’s pretty odd.


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