Base Design Nerds Needed

Dragon Lords, can we talk base design?
First off on my main I’m grinding my butt off in an attempt to add a 3rd flak…has to be earth since I’ll lose the storm. Any other opinions let me know but I think I’m on target there.
My real question is about my alt account. It will be two flaks, storm, red, and blue. Not doing dark and ice because that’s been my main and want to try something different. Fire and ice was my initial thought. I’m starting to question losing the tankiness and damage of the dark. Fire and dark? Discuss please.

The best two flak set ups are probably Dark/Ice or Fire/Ice

Electro Flak really wants a three or four flak set up.
Earth Flak is useful, but its low damage means you can’t pair it with an ice flak, so in a two flak set up you are better off building a storm.

That leaves your best options as the ice, dark and fire.
Now you pretty much always want an ice flak. Its utility is high, and it makes your base significantly harder to beat defended. It can shut down most dragons in the game, and makes your base a lot harder to play around.
Dark has the nice benefit of being high damage. The stun is nice, however the main advantage of the dark is the high damage.
The fire has good damage and some better abilities. The damage reduction is the star here, since its more effective against Hunters and invokers than the Dark Flak stun is. The explosion on death is nice, but if you are taking advantage of it something has gone wrong.

To try and expand on why the FF damage reduction is better against hunters and invokers than the DF stun: Because of the clip aspect of hunter damage, you can basically unload 90% of the hunters damage in a second or two if you tap fast enough. The dark flak’s stun, temporarily delays that damage, but at the end of the 1s stun you still do full damage. The FF by comparison takes that damage and halves it. Then the hunter/invoker has to then recharge the ammo, which significantly slows their damage.


Personally I’ve moved to a mid long setup (level 349) and it’s been working well. My setup consists of (front to back) dark flak, storm, red mage, blue mage, ice flak for the front 5 then back 5 are ice turret, fire flak, red mage, blue mage, storm.

I’ll post a picture of it when I get time for a better visual.

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StWalker you’ve done a good job putting into words much of what I have been analyzing in my mind. And as my main is a dark and ice setup, the fire and ice combo was my initial instinct for my Alt. That’s for taking the time for a well explained reply.

Neither of my accounts are near this point in the game but I’m sure others here will be interested in this progression point.

My only concern with going fire and ice on my Alt is that it won’t be defended as often and that dark flak sure packs a punch undefended.

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Well I guess I just outed my Alt :joy:

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Being at that point or not I think prepping for the long term (lvl 300 and up) might be a better choice than making the earth your third flak. What islands are you currently using for your base? If your using the first long that is unlocked and the first small perch unlocked you could put a fire flak on the long island instead of your kill island in preparation of a mid long setup down the road.

For your alt if it is undefended more than it is defended I would run ice flak dark flak setup. That’s what I run on my alt (lvl 200ish) and it works well.

I’ve occasionally wondered about that as well. But I think the honest truth is that if the base is undefended, the base will be defeated regardless of how you set it up. The only exception being if someone multiple tiers below you tries attacking. With how strong divines are, I don’t feel like its worth worrying about whether or not your base will work undefended.


Oh I agree as I definitely want to prepare for the long term. Just curious, your logic on being opposed to the earth?
Also it would take a lot of discipline and patience to put all those embers into a flak not part of my kill zone but I’m not ruling it out.
Oh and I’m on the first three islands near home base. 2000 pearls to open that 2nd perch plus everything going into leveling it isn’t realistic at this time.

You’re probably right, but you may underestimate the ineptitude of some of the flyers we see down here in platinum.
But like mentioned before much better to plan ahead for bigger and better things including leagues.

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I’m personally opposed to the earth flak because I want as much damage output as possible. Yes keeping your towers alive longer will provide more damage in the long run, if everything is shielded by a storm and your ice flak knocks out shields and abilities that burst damage from 2 high damage dealing flaks can be enough to kill most dragons in my experience.

An earth flak does the same thing as an ice turret/storm combo. I feel sinking embers into a tower that does the same thing as a tower not needing those embers isnt the best practice. Obviously everyones opinions may be different so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

When you say platinum do you mean platinum league or platinum dragons? If you mean league, I am in platinum league.

The main problem with the undefended base is that a lot of dragons have some form of sheilding/damage avoidance. Normally an ice flak will deal with that easily enough, but undefended the supershot won’t always go off, and oftentimes even if it goes off, you still need it to be followed by a mage shot, or the spell will just be recast.

Take for example Firefin. On a defended base normally the ice flak goes off, followed by the mages, hard countering him. But undefended that combo likely won’t go off, and so he can get his combo pieces out to protect him, build rage and spam fireball on your base to beat it.

I mean I get what you are saying about bad players, but the inconsistencies of an undefended base allow you to use simple but effective strategies, that would normally get hard countered on a defended base.

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I’m in platinum league, both my teams float between plat3/4. On my main I’ll be flying gold divines come fort event. Like I said just a noob with eyes on the future.

I hear what you are saying though. Just about any base is easy pickings while undefended. I guess I’d just like mine to put up as much fight as possible.

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Always go with a Dark Flak it’s the main point of any kill island, all the other stuff is basically to compliment the Dark Flak.

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Not really? DF can be pointless if it’s constantly frozen, have a resist/immunity for, or have shields for. Moreover, there’s very limited amount of flexibility you can have with a df, as it pretty much has to be in front to have hopes of being effective, while others can move around. Kill islands don’t require df and depending on the dragon, are even more effective without them.


@Lutrus Do you have a DF on your kill?

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Yes, I have IF, Df, SF.

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I suppose the question is: with the upcoming tower transformation thingy that was recently announced, would that Dark Flak get changed to something else? :eyes:

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Assuming this is directed at Lutrus and yes, I think that’s the relevant question. If you got a do over would you still go dark flak?