Base DP visible in Primarchs list?

It would be great to be able to view the base DP for any primarch directly from the primarchs list screen. It’s very time consuming to click into attack screen for each prime or lookup through regular game when looking for targets. Anyone else wish we had this capability? At the very least add it to the primarch info screen? Has this been requested before?


As long as the base dp isn’t calculated right It’s not really of use anyway.
But: it would be great to have this :eye: to look at the base or even the :information_source: to check the team list if anyone of them is online right now lol.


Base DP would be cool, but it would be nicer to be able to scope a base easier. DP doesn’t really matter as much in the long run as much as setup does. You can have a 100B+ DP base that’s set up badly and a breeze to get through, but then come up against a 60B+ DP base with a really good layout that it’s a lot harder to get through.


Agreed. Easy scoping of base would be great as well but was thinking about what could be easily displayed On the same screen. The info button going to base instead of the prime buff stats would be much more valuable imo.

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Would be handy.

While its not the best metric - I would more likely hit the 50bn 650 than the 110bn 620.

While the lower dp could be harder its probably a lower chance if I’m trying to maximise my revives

More data the better since level also doesnt mean much.

Probably something like this would be more useful under an i button (Although still subjective - because could have good stats but a crap layout or lots of economy wood towers)

DP : 80bn

Baseline DP 20bn
Max level combat towers : L145 x 25 towers

25bn Rider Gear exotic x1 , Mythic x 15 , elite x 8

5bn Runes exotic x 9 , mythic x 5 strikers x 3

30bn Buffs : seasonal (yes) , consumables (yes)