Base editor helpful

When I suggested the base editor I was thinking that we could change stuff around and if our DP changed a bunch then We could decide whether to change it permanently so PG would still get their money but we could also see how it changes our DP . Does nobody else think it’s a good idea ? I am tired of changing stuff and my base being worse then I’m stuck with it


It has been proposed a few times to have a layout switcher where we could save different layouts and apply them when needed. It’s probably something that will never happen but it would be useful.


I was thinking a way to attack yourself (kind of) to test your base’s effectiveness.

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This has been proposed uncountebale times on the forum, for many years now.
They most likely add this feature when the player base has been down even more than it already is.


I am personally getting burnt out on the game and think when we suggest something that could help us and them they might listen . I think lots of people are quitting this game after years of playing .

Aight bet