Base feedback please

Looking for some feedback please. My plan for the fort event is to level the front five towers on my long kill island to max (I will be leveling my builders hut twice) and then (if I still have timers) level up my rear mages a little more as well as max my ice flak.


And should I level my perch or leave it?

Thank you in advance!

Swap Ice Flak and Fire Flak positions.

You want Ice Flak to go off as fast as possible to remove any kind of sheilds and buffs. Plus Fire Flak has a long range. Also move the blue mage on the first island back to where the fire flak currently is.

And swap the position of the Ice Turret and Red Mage. Red Mage should always be in the middle to cover all five towers. Would look something like this:

Ice Flak Dark Flak
Red Mage
Earth Flak Blue Mage

Fire Flak Ice Turret
Red Mage
Blue Mage Fire Turret

Also you might want to replace the Fire Turret with something else. Fire turrets are clunky and easy to dodge for most players because of how long the wind up time on the attack and how slow the projectile is.


Thank you @StWalkerTRE. After making those tower moves and shuffling runes my defense actually went up, as I had better runes for that config. And I hear you about the fire turret. Just not sure what to put there.

But actually the supershot is really useful and strong, with a long range ( more than Ice Flak).
Behind the main towers is a great support.
Good damage, fast and with the utility to increase the damage taken by dragons.

Honestly the Fire Turret there isn’t too bad.
U don’t know what to do? Equip Fire Turret Striker/Frenzy Runes/Glyphs as many as possible :wink:

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@xMacellaio Thank you! And I agree. The super shot often hits, as most fliers are occupied with front 5 while the fire turret is winding up. Any thoughts on the perch? Leave it at 31 or bring it up?

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Honestly i like a Perch that do high damage(forcing the attacker to kill it, because many players, also me, can use it as an anchor) but u need a lot of pearls (dozens of thousands) so for now i would say, Don’t upgrade it. Save as many Pearls as possible for the future.
When u will have enough Pearls to reach the lv of the other towers, start to upgrade but again 1 time, u will need Tens and tens of Thousands.

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Meh. The ice flak in the second row kinda defeats the point; since it’s a short range supershot. Swap the if in the new position with the blue mage.

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@xMacellaio I have 46,000 pearls.

@Kate it’s in front row now. Thank you!

I want to second xMacellaio here: fire turret works really well in the front of island 4 (so one spot in front of where it is in that picture). The regular shot is useless, it’s true, but no one should be using it for that; as was noted, their supershot is long (same range as lightnings iirc), and useful both because it’s a beam, and because it increases the damage dragons take. If you have the shards, it’s a nice tower (I am definitely biased haha).

My personal take on perches is that you will have plenty of time to level them later, without inflating level; I left mine at 30 something until my early 400s.

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The FT and IT are both really good towers but their use is limited by the fact that they’re so. dang. expensive. to maintain. :cry:

In the long term, it’s probably best to not use them unless you have a ridiculously large hoard of shards for some reason.


I say level it until you run out of shards, then convert it! Is nice for forts :joy:

@Kate I have 80k each of fire and ice shards for the turrets. Maintaining them shouldn’t be an issue.

That will get your turrets from 55 to 84 but every other level will then cost between 17 and 20k

As Moon said, you can always transform them into a legacy towers when you ll be out of shards. However, keep in mind that upgrading a turret from 55 to 78 will get you less points in fortification than a legacy tower because the shards cost is quite low at this level

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Go to War dragons Neon, click on Riverwatch Perch and do the math. Calculate how many level u can do with 46k.
46k are definitely a good amount and now the Legendary drop from gold chest is 1600.
If u want, start the upgrade.

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