Base for collecting chests

hi guys, I’m looking for a base to collect bronze chests with my teammates, if possible, can you give examples of what you used (if the base level is 600+, I would be happy)


Its a bit of a state secret like the KFC recipe.

Everyone I know always says that you want a full length base to hit all monuments and you want the base DP to be above your top 3 dragons AP to maximise the chance.

In this scenario the average drop I think is around 1.2 to 1.6 per run.

Atlas invader base tends to be bad if you out power it because the towers cap at L96.

In the old days people would drop all dragons except 3 red tier and hit farm bases with almost instant revive so no health pot wastage but PG fixed that bug so it cant be done anymore.

Someone who is pro farmer like @Paskinel might have some tips!


I will be waiting

This latest thread has a lot of discussion regarding factors influencing drop rates. A lot of it is inconclusive besides the info available in game data files, because there are additional factors.

Zamirathe’s post here has some of the raw data: Bronze chest drop rate nerfed - #20 by Zamirathe

In particular…“These only come into play if it actually determine you qualify to possibly get something. You hit down (below your level), you’re chance of being able to roll on this goes down as well. We do not know those numbers. That is a hidden stat in PG’s servers.”

Also note Malik’s post: Bronze chest drop rate nerfed - #25 by MALIK
"So Pg changed drop and there is actually a penalty for attacking to high up now! "

As for me, I don’t bother with chest farming anymore. I grind out supers in PvP and run all my daily multipliers in Atlas and I get plenty this way.

P.S. What happened to Malik. PM me if anyone knows, in some way I miss seeing his posts lol.


Rude :triumph:


Malik’s account was suspended. Saw him in LC, I don’t remember the details but it sounds like he wasn’t informed as to why or how long.


I heard one can find out how long when one logs into the forum the next time, no?

No idea - but his account says “suspended” with no date on it. I’ve seen others that have an “until some date”.

They were never going to take his (good) advice, so the suspension saves him (a lot of) wasted time.

Oops, typed the post in a hurry.

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better forge healing potions and do regular runs in attack, who knows u may get more gold, iam practicing Solaris and i got more than 3m gold

Me who works at KFC and doesn’t know the recipe either. :eyes:

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