Base help for my alt

Right now my alt and my main are short bases. My alt has level 15 archer and cannon and and soon level 14 of both mages and storm tower. Should my alt start expanding to the next island or start as soon has I unlock the dark flak and follow Odin’s 2019 base guide for lvl 1-40. My main has a kill island of below 20 and at least level 19 dark flak, ice tower, storm tower, and the mages.

Try posting SS of your bases

That is my alt’s base also still Tide caller

Can you also tell me how to see it in tactical view?

look at your base thru attacking your alt, look at your alt thru attacking your base. take screenshot.


Or bookmark yourself :eyes:

Well anyways is it okay or should I start expanding? Also can’t do the tac SS cause ipad almost dead doing this through computer

Should be fine. My preference is 2 blue, 2 red, and ditch the rest.
Lightning might be useful.
Forgot to add that storm is a priority as well

Do u have the Perch? If not, move on Middle Long Island, build the Perch there and move your towers. That’s all.
Dark Flak can replace the Archer.
So your main 5 towers will are :
Blue Mage
Red Mage
Dark Flak

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