Base lay out and suggestions

Hey guys

I just wanted to ask if anyone has some advice/suggestions regarding my base layout ( im lvl 284 ) .
Should i move my base from island 1 2 &3 to 3 4 5 & 6 and if so what 5 towers would you suggest adding/building ? Or should i keep it at islands 1 2 & 3 and just swap/change some towers or just keep focusing on leveling the ones i have up ?

Thank you all in advance


  1. IF in 3 replacing FF (Will prefer to have FF and IF combo but you have 2 DF).
  2. Can you upgrade your builder hut?

No sadly im missing 1 egg to be able to upgrade my builder hut. Aah ok i recently removed my IF from my Kill island lol :thinking::sweat_smile: as i heard not having a BM makes it kind of a easy target . Is this true ? :thinking:

2 mage + storm (or SF) is necessary.
For the other 2, I prefer IF + DF/FF
Blue mage is important to counter blue spell.

Ok cool so just swap IF With FF ? :thinking:

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Or the dark flack

u could also swap blue mage and df (might go off a bit faster)

:flushed: Hold on… Just realized that you have 5 flaks on your base…
If you can max 3 out of 5 every fort, do SF, IF, and DF/FF (the other 2 are mage)

Unless he is prepared to spend a shit ton of money, he cannot afford this set up. Lose all but two of the flaks (three if he is willing to be a moderate spender and occasional grinder).

Dark flaks in the back rows die before they can shoot almost every single time

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