Base Layout Advice (Lvl. 429)

Hi everyone,

Could I get some advice/tips for my base? Thanks!

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Couple of things:

:purple_heart:Dark flaks are short range; you want them on the edge of the island

:orange_heart: Fire turrets aren’t super strong (hunters can cloak out of them; other drags can shield from them.)

:green_heart: You’ll need a shield element on the first part of your kill island

:blue_heart:With a long kill island, it is IMPERATIVE that you keep your first five towers maxed first; then, if you have additional rss, work on your “back porch” (the last five towers).

Personally, I’d change it to have:

First five: blue, red, ice, dark, orrery

Second five: pylon, howie, red, fire flak, (and I’d contemplate transforming your fire turret to something else)

First: blue, red, ice, dark, transform fire turret to earth flak (if you think you’d have enough elemental embers)

Back: pylon, howie, red, fire flak, orrery.


What should I change the fire turret to?

Depends on what rss you have tbh.

You could transform it to an earth flak or another orrery for your first five but you want to be careful cause you already have a couple of flaks and you don’t ever want to get yourself into a situation where you run out of elemental embers and can’t continue to build. (Orreries are strong! But, also taxing in rss causing you to have to keep up on charges AND electrums {and you already have a howie to keep up with}.

****Also need to be careful when transforming things, in general. I highly suggest checking out Neon before doing anything. Tower Transformation: Fire Turret to Storm Tower - Neon War Dragons ****

You could transform it to a storm tower and it would still be a 61; however, you’d lose out on days of timers you’d already spent. (Ultimately, not horrible!)
If you transform it to an earth flak, however, you’d lose a lot of levels! 61 down to a 39, which isn’t ideal.

Or, you could transform it to a lightning tower (but, typically lightnings are only good in at least 2s, given their bonus that plays off having more than one).

General rule of thumb-- if it requires special currencies, you’ll drop levels. If it’s a wood tower you’re transforming into, you’ll typically keep your invested levels.

If you’re a player who spends and will ensure you never run out of embers, I’d do the earth flak.

If you’re a player who may be Free to play or not sure how to structure your season to keep you stacked, I’d recommend a storm.

Hope this helps! :blue_heart:


Thank you!

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