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Hey everyone, looking for some advice with my base! Just got back into the game after a year-long break, so I’m worried it might be outdated.

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Related to “new towers” specifically, I would suggest swapping the Earth Flak for a Cosmic Orrery when/if the resources are available for it. Not a huge change, but I think the Orrery is the best of the recent towers, certainly best since the Howitzer.

Other thoughts if you are interested:

  1. I would focus on keeping the 5 towers on your “kill island” maxed, rather than worrying about levelling the level 36 towers you have in front of your farms. Better to have five level 65 towers than ten level 59 towers, etc.

  2. Keeping five different flak towers at max level is likely to be a strain on your Elemental Ember supply unless you spend. I’m fairly active and I keep three flaks levelled, I probably could have a fourth but I’m waiting to make sure I don’t get low on Embers pushing through the last tower levels.

  3. When you are able to keep 8-10 towers at max/near max level, you will probably want to move them all to the pair of islands where you currently just have the Earth Totem. Right now you have six towers at near max level, so it might be too early, but I vaguely recall that I switched to a “long kill island” layout sometime in the upper 300s or lower 400s.

Welcome back and, above all, have fun!


Thank you for the detailed response!

doesn’t look too bad imo…could use a Cosmic Orrery…swap your Storm Towers maybe and/or Blue Archmage for Fire Turret?? Defensive Rider with maxed elite or mythic gear also…Build 3rd perch to lvl 1 to keep your base at length

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Move to long kill type. Either 1-2 or 4-5. Then, adjust towers as you need.


What Orca said but I’d lean towards 1/2 as if that’s set up well it’s very very hard to beat.

You’ll need 2 COs. One on back left of 2 and one on front right of 1 (attacker viewpoint) so I’d get rid of your earth flak and storms and replace with COs.

I’d swap one of your dark flaks to an ice flak.


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