Base layout advise

Hey everyone,

I’m level 255: I could really use some help with my base. And tips for in the future! I would really appreciate it

Rider? Gear?

Added in post :slight_smile:

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You now know what to do.


Thanks for replying, I will work on elite gear.

And also get a good defensive rider

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But than u depending on the seasonal rider I think?

You can get crom, he is an atlas defensive rider.


Stop building on that 4th island. Way too early for your level. Also no one build storm towers anymore. Your kill island on 3 is complete useless gone on sight, no chance to defend.

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The 4 island I try to have it as a rage drain.
Okay, so any tips u can give how to set up 3 island? Where u will be able to defend?

It’s needs a shield… and rage drains rarely work against a decent flier. Don’t level a rage drain.


its normal for at your level 40k to level up and 33kxp from towers, check neon war dragon, there u will see how much level needed to level up dragon/hatfh/breed, how much level needed for tower/builderhut there aree lots of info which game should have implemented ingame long ago

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Thank u all for helping me. I will work on it :grin:

I should add one more pro tip…. If you just log off and never log in again, you will become so inactive
that no one can ever beat your base again…


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