Base layout help pls

hi i would like some help on laying out a good base. i am level 157

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Can you get a teammate to take screenshot of your base? Or use an alt account? This layout is hard for most people to read, and they don’t see your tower levels.

The current layout looks as an egg mission base.
First of all, IMHO, way too long layout for lvl 157.
Second, why did you spread farms on 3rd and 4th islands?

3 ice turrets on 7th and 2 fire turrets on 1st. Usually, no reason to put more than 1 towers of the same type in the same group of 5 (except lightning).

My advice would be to build a strong point at 3rd. Farms in front of home island with an orrey in middle, and long fire range towers in back of your home. For the 3rd island I would choose, Dark flak + earth flak (front) red mage (middle), ice flak + blue mage (back).


Step 1:
Put everything into storage

Step 2:
Put farms on your first island and closest to your incubator and put a howi in the middle or furthest spot from the incubator in that group of 5.

Step 3:
Take your best (highest level) dark flak, red mage, blue mage, earth flak/cosmic orrey, and then your highest level out of these (pylon, fire flak, or ice flak). Put these on the last group of 5 on that island.

Step 4:
Put your best (DEFENSIVE) rider/warrior dragon on the perch closest to those towers. Make sure this perch is at least lvl 30.
This rider will likely be the green atlas Rider I believe called defender. If you don’t have her, hire her.

Step 5:
Check your resources to make sure you can continue to level up your towers. IE enough elemental embers, bars.

Step 6:
Check to see if your builders hut and storage and other home base building are maxed for your level. If not only level these until you are.

Step 7:
Start crafting gear for your first mythic warrior rider. (Probably sapphire fire dragon) and keep crafting until you get a full set of ELITE DEFENSE rider gear. level up this gear during crafting event.

Edit: changed step 4 to reflect type of rider.


Don’t forget to merge all other towers you have into your kill island until it’s max for your levels and just level your farms and your five towers on the kill island until everything is maxed out

i don’t have another account and don’t know teammates, i started this year with the game

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ok thank you, my best warrior is level 1 because i don’t know how they work, one paired with krelos and another paired with amarok

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what’s a kill island?

thank you i started this year with the game

It’s typically a single island, like the short island just after your first long portion of your base, which has a perch on it. If you’re in a team that has atlas, grind grind grind that gear, it makes a world of difference

I’ll look to see the tower levels

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If all your towers are not your max level. You have too many. If you have more than one of any tower but mages, you probably have too many towers up to level 500…

But what is the max level of tower you can get at your level? Merge all duplicates together if you can (unless that wastes levels due to it being over your max level)

But unless I am mistaken you shouldn’t need more than 5 towers until like level 500. Or maybe that’s 10 towers? Either way you shouldn’t need many (and you have tons!).

So max 5-7 towers…

Personally I suggest howitzer, orrnery, Ice flak, one of each mage, earth flak…. See where you end up after those are all maxed and then come back. (If stopping at 5 towers, pick only 1 electrum. I would make middle 3 islands (middle perch) your main islands (so you don’t need to move your perch later)


Just merge towers and put the maxed leveled towers on the island with your first perch and focus on upgrading those. If you want base design I can send some screenshots of a few layouts I’ve seen and made

True, only merge up until it’s maxed level, don’t waste any levels, it’s gonna hurt you in the long run because of wasted rss. Early on it’s tough because you level so quickly now.

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I have a Long Island set up and I’m struggling to keep up with max levels. But I’m killing dragons so I’m happy lol

For a level your size this is way too many islands that u wont be able to keep up.

I’m 513 and Im at like 9.5 Max. Close to 10 max. I think around 430 I moved to long layout.

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Ummmmm… are we not using ballistas anymore??? :laughing:

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Base development over levels - Neon War Dragons a good resource, though one most useful to people who started planning from the very first day

As someone who’s had to redo their base out of a too-long-for-your-level base, here’s a suggestion based on the best balance I’ve found so far:

island 1-2: nothing

island 3: your farms (4, maxed) and an orrery/earth flak/ice turret (1, not maxed)

island 4: red mage - blue mage (no need to max)
orrery - howitzer - ice flak (maxed. this is the absolute priority)

island 5: red mage - blue mage (not maxed but close enough, so they can be a bit annoying)
earth flak (maxed if you can, but only if the orreryhowitzericeflak lineup is) - dark flak (maxed if you can, but after the EF) - another damage turret, maybe ice flak for annoyance potential if you have the embers

(since I didn’t have the rss for a second Ice flak, I actually put one of my farms in the front of the 5th island, as they are a bit more resistant and thus distracting)

This isn’t an ideal optimized setup, but it’s the best compromise I’ve been able to find when I had to rethink my base somewhere around your level. Since our situations appear so similar, I thought it might help you.

I’d suggest merging your unnecessary turrets into the ones you intend to keep. Take into account this will briefly slow your levelling progression, which can be a bummer, but it’s definitely worth it.

Also, last advice! Level your very last perch to lvl 1 and park whatever dragon there. It’ll have the benefit of artificially making your base longer and thus slower to raid, without providing an opportunity for an attacker to trigger undefended SS. I say that because many levels usually place low level towers on the 8th island and those can waste sooo many ss.

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