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I’m really struggling with the decision to put a storm or fire turret on my island containing: ice, red & blue mage, and dark flak. I like the idea of a blinding shield with the ice and storm together, but then there’s the fire power of the fire turret to be concerned with losing out on. Ahhhh! Suggestions welcomed.


Easy call. Storm. Fire Turret is absolute trash at higher levels. Storm will keep your mages, ice and dark flak up longer and a surprising number of hunter fliers don’t hit the storm first defended and waste a bunch of ammo.


I agree 100 percent with Spooky.

Also, perhaps think about not wasting supershots on ice turrets, rather fire say your dark flak twice


Definitely go for Storm, and concentrate on levelling it, and your Mage Towers. The higher these towers are the better your defence will be, and the easier for others to defend for you.


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