Base layout in Atlas not current


So yesterday I changed the base layout for doing some testing. After that I moved everything back to the place. TODAY I had a battle in Atlas, and the base layout was what I had YESTERDAY ?!?!?
Is not the first time it happens. Happened also that I was doing an upgrade, finished and many hours later in a battle the tower wasn’t still available.
WTF? Happened to you? Is it a known issue?


Base layout can be cached for quite a while. The easiest workaround is to put a tower in storage and take it back out. This will force a base reload in the game.

If you’re unsure if it worked, ask the team to look at your base and confirm if your tower is in the right place.

It’s a pain and I still forget every now and then, finding out when I defend my base while missing a vital tower that was under construction for 10 seconds hours ago.


Thank you mate, I’ll try that. But I’m pretty sure at one point in the past I saw the old layout for an attack in Atlas, and the new layout for an attack in the regular game, one after the another (don’t remember the order though).
Anyway, I may ask you to look at the base haha


Changing your in game avatar and changing it back can also sometimes force the system to update your base layout…