Base layout [is it a good idea or not?]

Helo there!
I was thinking about a quick change at the layout of my base in the death island (the island in the curve).
Usually, the actual towers on that are: red and blue mages, tempest/earth flak, dark flak and another flak (eletric/fire). I was thinking: what if we just change the blue mage for the ice flak to block all skills from the dragon and put 2~3 mages before the death island to drain rage?
With that change, white skills would be blocked as well and the area skills (red ones) still be blocked by the red mages. With that change we’ll have damage from the ice flak.

Thanks for the sugests and opinions!

If you take way the blue mage dragons like hauheset will visit alot more often, it also opens the door up for pathox to take it more easily.


With recent trends with dragon skill set, short kill island is not really ideal.
However, such setup will only be effective with towers as strong as possible.

That said, for short island, 2 mage is important (some dragons can kill easily without blue, while the others without red mage.)
As for the other 3, it’s between 2 damage dealers + shield or 3 flaks.


But I was counting on ice flak block skill… It might be more efective than the blue mage 'cause it blocks white skills too, isn’t it?

Can you give me an example of a dragon that would go through the island without the blue one?
The idea is to have that island with the towers at the max level I can…

Hauheset. Literally, Blue mage is the only one able to stop her.

Also, Sakura, Aibrean, and some more.

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But with the ice flak canceling the airbrean skills, for example, the dragon might not have rage enough to use the skill again, right?

Ice flak cannot disable anything it can’t hit.


Itzani would absolutely destroy it. The blue mage is about all that keeps Itz from possibly not sanding the entire 5 towers with little effort.

Essentially any dragon with a cloak type ability would be able to dodge the ice flak SS. It’s not like you turn the corner and instantly all spells are blocked.


It depends on the skill of the flier, the strength of the dragon, the level of your towers, and whether it’s defended. In that order.

A really good hau flier can destroy that set up no problem. A decent itzi flier can sand that set up no problem.

Give some thought to the skill and strength of the attackers you are encountering. If they are above average, I’d look for a different layout.

Edit: and I currently have a similar set up, so I’m speaking with some experience.

Ice flak can’t disable anything it can’t hit, which means flash-style spells will breeze through your island.

And, I mean, Hau’s a fair point especially now that the fire flak can’t kill you in shift, but with enough skill you can solo just about any short base with Hau, so idk if that’s valid. I rarely ever see people appreciating her out of PvP anyway :cry:

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Almost any decent hunter lol
I love kills without blue mages

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points at all the recent divines

Would storm be better than ice flak?


YES. Well, I mean, not in the case of Hau, but it’s like infinite HP for your towers while SS is activated. :wink:

I saw someone using her as a back up dragon beautifully in Atlas once… Alas the lead flyer wasn’t on top of their game and picked a downright awful dragon to use as the 3rd dragon in the run… Lucky for me (since it was my base being hit :eyes:) the attack failed miserably. The lead attacker undid all the brilliant work of their wingman.


:sob: Truly a tragic tale.

:persevere: Makes a bad memories…

Probably more for the wingman than it was for me :joy::joy::joy:


I set up a base with noc recently, only to have my backer follow with corth :sob::sob: