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Please discuss and ask questions about the Base Layout Nominations:

Nominate a Base for an Upcoming Event!

Interesting, but level matters. I used to have a two kill island setup, but as I leveled could not longer maintain, merged to into a mid long. There’s a reason why there is a proliferation of micro bases.


I think they’re going for which setup is considered hard.





Right, but it is at least level dependent give tower availability, even if you ignore resource constraints.


Any bets on how many times jl’s base gets submitted? :joy:


All aboard the JL train (Choo choo!)


I guess I don’t understand how you expect we can all vote on this. An impenetrable base from a 200 level’s perspective would be a cake walk to a 300, etc… up and down the tiers.

A lot think the Uber base with the Uber cannons from temple raid was pretty tough.


It also doesn’t factor in gear. Would Mech’s base be so difficult if it wasn’t for his gear boost?


Majority of bases get most their power from gear, so if these bases don’t bring them over they’ll be not even comparable.

Look at the PvE XP base copies, chestbase is a lot lower power making it a bit harder to get your power lower to get better chest drops.

Edit: I was typing same time you was Fozzie lol


Good point, so then what are we trying to accomplish here?

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If the efficiency of how i upgraded my base (almost zero stored towers) and gear wasn’t taken into consideration, i basically have the same base as anyone else could have.

Are these going to be changed to “most ideal levels possible”? AKA removing all stored towers and adjusting the level of these bases down to simply what is showing, and then removing all gear and applying crappy AI supershots?

I think quite a few people nominated will be offended to see a poorly copied version of their base defeated due to 3 cheesed supershots, no consumables and no active defenders. Might just be me, but i’d be unhappy to see my base torn apart due to circumstances beyond my control.


Will these bases be static for the life of the event or will you update or add new designs periodically as the game evolves?


I’m at a loss. The gap between dragons and base is massive. The gap between defended, undefended, and self defended his even bigger. I have a mostly OK base for my level, but undefended it doesn’t hold up well.

The current meta doesn’t allow for vast variations. Short base, high level towers, all flaks (assuming you can afford them), 1 red, 1 blue mage.

How will the AI be managed?


It’s all rather vague.

I actually wonder about the “weekly” event comment but I guess time will tell.

Edit: So after a second read they just want to have nominations based on how towers are arranged. Not their strength or anything. Not sure this is any more clear. Maybe if I can arrange my towers to say “I Luv PG” I will win?



Just to provide a bit more context here: The idea of nominating bases for their tower layout is mostly to be used for inspiration - we figured it would be a low-effort way to get players involved in helping to create part of an upcoming event, but boosts that affect the base won’t be factored in as much as the configuration of the towers themselves. It’s a fun way to have the community join in on our creative process and provide direct input into how these base layouts might appear!

May 8-13: Kingdom Wars

MIght be better to share candidate layouts and ask for feedback/suggestions, or let folks have a vote on candidates.

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Then naturally you’re going to have some bad bases making it through because there’s really only a handful of bases that we would consider strong. Not much creativity goes into a microbase, other than maybe one type of flak over another (though dark flak will be universal). I think you easily could have just made bases using typical designs you see throughout the game, but this works, I guess. :man_shrugging:


Can you at least name then something recognizable when you’re done applying all the boosts and such e.g. CakeWalk, LolGetBetterDragons, YourFlyingSux, LMAONoChanceInHe**


If this is done “right” there should only be 3ish types of bases. Full base that’s well set up, strong middle island (a la Mech), and micro base. JL, Mech, and me (I represent the micro-basers) or some variation thereof.

Massive qualifier. If you’re ignoring boosts the only base you should consider is JL’s. All other bases’ difficulty comes from boosts, flyer’s incompetence, flyers being a lower level, or defenders.

I just don’t think the competition makes sense if you strip boosts. At that point there’s only one ‘most difficult’ type of base. A full base of maxed towers.