Base layout question


Does anybody know why when you change your base layout you move your Towers off the Island with matching Ruins your base defense seems to get bigger?


Pics? (Text to fill the 10 character requirement)


All I did was move from one Island to other. Swapped around Flak/Ballista.


You can take screenshots. On my Android you take screenshots by holding the volume down button and turn on button at the same time for a second. It would be much easier to see your base. Even better, ask a teammate to take a screenshot of your base layout (they have to try to attack you).

Try to look online if you don’t know how to take screenshots with your device.

Edit : This island the furthest from main island is composed of two separate islands that are fortified by different monuments, not just the one you showed. That’s normal that your defence change under those circumstances. Besides, Dark Flak gives muh more defence points than a mere ballista.


Base defense power calculation is not just about (to my knowledge) towers, tower levels, and runes.

From what I have always been able to tell, base defense power also adjusts based on tower placement. Kind of like when you place 3 lightning towers together instead of 1, they boost each other. Placing certain other towers together may make your base stronger than placing them with a different tower. Hence the change in base power without anything to do with runes or leveling a tower or adding a new one.


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