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Hi guys,

Im looking for advice for how to best build my second island. Is there any ”best” or ”standard” way to do it?
Im currently lvl 90 and i want to make sure i dont change anything that i later have to regret… right now im focusing on my kill island but i have to lvl the buildings on my second island to reach certain lvls. And i dont want to waste time and timers on lvlving towers i end up putting away in the end.

This is my base atm… image image
Appriciate any advice! Thanks

2nd layout won’t really matter until you reach a pretty high level (close to 300? Need to move to middle long I think).
That said, rather than 3 lightning, I prefer 2 lightning and 1 ice flak. Swap Ice Turret and Ice flak when it’s big enough.

Also nothing wrong with 2nd pair of mages


Apart from your kill island, you can always level 2nd set mage towers to reach certain level.


I’d swap on the back island and bring the farms to the front. But only upgrade the fire and lightning towers if you absolutely cannot level up otherwise


I would move darkflak to front left, and blue mage to front right, then I’ve turret in the back.

Like Orca said ice flak would be great to add once you’re higher level and can afford it (is wait till like 150-200 to see if you can afford it). I also think 2 lightning would be fine for now, you won’t need to (and shouldnt) level them much anyway for a long time anyway.

I also agree with moving farms and mills to island 2 and having the second red mage is good to protect farms a bit.

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