Base Layout Test

I think it would be cool to have the option to rearrange your base to test different layouts and see which layout gives the optimal defense power. Like, say you want to move your kill island, but you’re not sure it’s worth it, this way you can rearrange the towers how you like, see how it affects your DP, and decide whether or not it’s worth it by hitting something like “confirm layout” to keep it, or “cancel” to put it back the way it was. It would be a great way to get your base to the strongest it can be!


Pretty sure this has been suggested before and I wish PG would make this a thing. To be able to test a new layout without wasting rubies moving stuff around is the best thing that could happen. Doubt it will happen though :frowning:

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Exactly, wouldnt waste resources or anything it would be nice! I didnt realize it had been suggested before, but maybe if we bug em enough it might happen? Lol


DP is mostly a useless metric. I moved my kill island from 1+2 to 3+4 and my runes now cover more towers and the covered towers better yet my DP went down. Even now after a fort and some of my gear was upgraded the DP is lower. My base is harder to take down and does more DPS though.

As long as there are no runes or riders involved you can pretty much multiply all the given buffs with each other and each towers base power to get your DP.
“All the given buffs” here means HP research, ATK research, base & monument HP boost and baes & monument ATK boost. So a lvl lightning tower (“base DP” for it is 15) on an island where just one of the monument boosts is active but with full 22% base boost for both, 4% lightning HP and 8% lightning ATK research it would add 15 * 1.04 * 1.08 * 1.52 * 1.22 = 31.24
For once it seems like PG is rounding rather than flooring or ceiling so this would add 31 DP.
The shrine adds 149 (100 * 1.22 * 1.52) since Im gonna say that this lightning tower was placed on island 3 and the shrine doesnt have any research. Each of the home island towers adds 1 as well since 1.4884 isnt quite enough to round up. So if that was the whole base it had 188 DP

Im not sure how runes work exactly but I know its based on rarity.
So if you had an island with just an Ice Flak and you were to put an Exotic Ballista Striker rune on it it would give a bigger boost than a Mythic Ice Flak HP rune would. A Mythic Ballista HP rune would add the same as the Mythic Ice Flak HP rune. From what I found it should be about 13.5% for exotics, 9% for mythcs and 6% for legendaries, but it seems I havent found the right place to put these numbers yet.
For Riders Im even more unsure. Each Perch should add 10 DP if it is used. I would assume that 70% of the AP the dragon that is put on is added and that the buffs from gear and rider would be applied the same way as research is but since you can only change the perch dragon once every 6h I havent felt like testing.

If you want to figure out how to put your stuff in a way that benefits your towers the most you need to actually look at the numbers your rider and runes gives and put them in a way that as much of your towers as possible benefit from them.
There is this sheet from @Blassie to figure out how much health your towers have (base destruction %) that could probably be extended to also show DPS to get what you want to achieve

Unfortunately, i am way too lazy for all this and would prefer a quick estimate to an exact mathematical conclusion :sweat_smile: Perhaps this could also go into this idea–pg improves the accuracy of DP and perhaps offers more metrics by which to judge whether or not to change your layout?

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