Base Layout Tools?

Hey y’all I’m trying to help team members out with their bases and it’s a long, daunting task. I’ve been back in game for about a year now and there used to be an excel sheet set up to where you could input towers in a base setup and it would help you optimize or at least tell you the DP with set up and you could use to rearrange teammate bases to help improve. Is there still any tools around like that?

This might work for you.


I’m looking for the same thing.
I want to rearrange my base “on paper” before using rubies to move runes and glyphs. I would like to be able to add different rider/perch stats to see what works best, so more or less a puzzle where I can move my towers, runes/glyphs, riders around to see what works best.
I have searched the forum but this post was the best hit. Blassies sheet is close but it calculates % not DP.

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