Base Mage Count

I have a red mage under construction, which brings total of 4 active Red Mage on my base. Yet, in the Mage limit count when building, it shows that i have 5 red mages and i cannot build anymore. Has it always been the case? It significantly weakens the base if a mage under construction also counts into the mage limit. Maybe prevent a mage being finished upgrading if there are 5 active already? The limit should be 5 active mages on base, from what i understand. Please share some input on this when you got time @PGCrisis @PGEggToken

Thanks for your time.

Do you have any in storage?

Yes. Can’t take them out as well

It’s always been like this. If it’s on your base (upgrading or active) then it counts. It’s to prevent your building from finishing and you having 6 on your base now

Oh I completely misunderstood. That’s why I like to get mages done during fort events so that they can be sped up and back to the base quickly.

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Well then it should prevent the in construction mage from finishing instead of counting the non-existent one in battle. It’s a way to limit base strength.

Surely the workaround is simple, just finish upgrading it. But the intent was about the base strength, now it’s working against base strength under this instance. Correct me if I’m wrong

Then non elite players won’t be able to progress, since they can only build one at a time. If a building isn’t finished, a new upgrade can’t be started

How many mages do you have with non elite players? Practically speaking with decent base building plan

Should be the same as elite player.

My base isn’t strong enough, since I only have 2 each atm.

It is the same. That’s part of the point of buying elite in the first place, to get one more simultaneous construction tower capability. And after the change still everybody gets the same limit. Which part of the suggested change has harmed the equality under the restrictions of current system?

I meant to answer this. If a building is prevented from being finished, an elite player can build one more building, while the others can’t.

If you have 5 active mage of the same kind.

Also, thats what elite gives you…

It means that the non elite players get stuck and can’t build / upgrade other towers. This will force the non-elite to buy one, or quit.

Or, you know, put one of your mages in storage so you can finish upgrading the building :woman_shrugging:

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Oops, forgot that the towers put in storage doesn’t count. Sorry.
And thanks Liz.

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It’s just a game feature you need to be aware of when you build. I almost never upgrade a required tower for defence outside of Fortification. And if I do I have a low level replacement handy to occupy the space. And yes I live with being down one mage but that would be on my rage drain so matters less

Should inactive mage count as active mage limit… aka does mages under construction be counted in, or no? Normative question, like a “should or should not”

This is what I do now too :blush: Finally made myself a rage drain island. Seems to be working so far. And yes, my base isn’t the best. Didn’t know how to properly build when I started.

But on the other hand, I have kick ass dragons! Getting my 3rd garnet at lvl 163 is an awesome feeling! Someone will always have stronger dragons than my base can defend against anyway :laughing:

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I understand what you’re saying. For me it matters less so I have no opinion :man_shrugging:

Dang it grumpy

Can I get you 3 lovely rubies per day to support my idea if youre not on either side :joy: