Base Mulligan / Tower Recycle?

Here goes nothin’ lol

With the way things can change (sometimes over night), I think it is only fair that we had a way to reconfigure our bases without suffering too much punishment in the level department.

Kind of along the same lines as recycling towers.

What if we could take one tower at a time off our base and sort of trade it for a new one?
Say credit back the last 2 upgrades in rss, and put all the accumulated xp in a bank to work of as you build up a new tower. ( there might be $$ here pg =)

1 tower at a time should be enough to allow us to reconfigure, and working it off before you traded the next should cover the xp/dropping level problem if you could trade a bunch in all at once.
Basically allow you to do some remodeling, without the xp penalty.

I say last 2 upgrades worth of rss because of the towers that take embers/shards so we get some of those back.

Could institute a min level to get a refund to prevent abuse?
Could give lumber packs, but that might open things up for abuse?

I dont know, anybody else have any ideas? Gotta be something better than what we have now.

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You are not the first one who comes up with the idea:

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There really aren’t that many original ideas. Only people independently coming up with the same ideas. This is true in WD and in life in general.


Oh I know Im not the 1st lol

I would not mind an implementatio where you could destroy a tower. Destroying the tower would add the equivalent xp from the tower to the requirement to level up. This would allow players to reconfigure bases without breaking their account while maintaining consequences to choices. Pg would benefit by another resource sink.


How does this maintain consequences for actions?

It minimizes them, and also allows us to adapt when the rug gets pulled out from under our feet.

The only prob I could see is more lame cookie cutter bases do to the current state of the game.

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meecheeng wants bad bases to remain bad basically.

It would take resources and slow progression to rebuild a tower to fix an error or try something new. If i destroy a level 40 cannon tower then i will need to generate the equivalent xp on my existing towers or a new one before i return to normal progression.

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If you think about it, it’s not a bad thing to have crappy bases to attack.
Unless you are the owner of one… :hugs:

same applies to me and everyone else

Too much of a penalty for not building a cookie cutter base.
If there were less of a penalty, people might play around a little more.

Maybe, if we get really lucky, we might even get some decent balance some day that allows more than the cookie cutter base to be competitive.

But sadly, most of all, we need a check to the balances that get sprung on us.

And how do you think this will affect Fortification? Build tower, get points, credit me back, build tower, credit back. Voila! Max the event.

I wouldnt think it would really be that much different than it is now,
The event is over 2hrs after it starts anyway lol

Could even turn the xp bank off during that period if people were abusing.

Thats why i think you should get nothing but the xp change when destroying a building.

I really don’t care if I get anything back for my unwanted towers. Just get it out of my hair and tack on the XP it gave me as extra XP I’ll need before I can level again.


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