Base not reflecting user building upgrades and other user changes

Is anyone else having this trouble - I am exasperated!

For the last 3/4 months, my base consistently fails to update my base when I change things - updating towers and the like. Today my base is currently showing over 3 million less defence power than it has, and I am a tower missing on every island. Every time this happens (and it is often) I contact help and they always advise the same things. Storing towers, putting them back, changing avatars, changing language etc etc.

I closed the game down completely.
I closed down all browsers.
I rebooted my phone
I rebooted my wifi network at home.
I reduced all my graphics settings
I hid and replaced a tower on every island
I changed language and back again

And my base has still not updated properly.

So War Dragons if you are reading this, BOO.

BOO because you are costing me resources, upgrades, chests, wars, and yes MONEY.

I have never had missing towers. Generally, placing ONE tower into and out of storage fixes the sync issue with base layout. I alway use my totem. Anytime I build, buff, or change layout i swap my totem in and out.

Sometimes changing your portrait can also force the servers to update with the new layout.

If you’d searched the forums, you would have found the answer already

Sounds like OP did that. They also mention changing avatars.

Separately maybe players shouldn’t have to do the hokey pokey just to get the game to maybe register changes.


Fair enough. I guess I didn’t read the original post as well as I thought I had :joy: It’s waaay too early here for me and I hadn’t had any caffeine yet :sweat_smile:

Sounds like it is time to uninstall and reinstall.

Yes exactly that! Why do I have to do the ‘hokey pokey’ to make the game work!

I wonder how often this happens and people don’t realise? I only realised when I reviewed footage of being attacked. There doesn’t seem to be a way to see your base the way opponents see it

Thanks Vaine, tried that too…

@arelyna @PGCrisis maybe get a dev to look into his gamestate?

Sorry to hear you’re going through this situation.
Hiding the group of 5 towers that I want to update, force quitting, and putting them back up always works for me.

Dang, that’s no good when a reinstall doesn’t fix the issue. Might be time to ask for your ticket to be escalated to the next level.

The joys of doing the hokey pokey.

Best way is to look at your base with an alt… if you don’t have an alt, ask a friend to screenshot your base and send the pic to you via Line or some other external chat group. Heck, they could even send the pic to you via a private message on the forums :slight_smile:

First of all, I think it’s warrented to mention that the OP’s name shows as faded/greyed out.

I’m not sure what that signifies or how one does that, but if there are funny charchters in your name in game, consider changing your name as it could be related.

Secondly I’ve seen a weird situation like this once, and it was solved by storing all towers (except farms) and then placing them again. You may also have luck by simply moving towers which show missing.

Thirdly you mention reinstalling. This is usually caused by the local cache not syncing to the servers. Do you play multiple accounts from the same device? Is your connection less than ideal? Have you tried doing all of the listed things after the reinstall?

If you swap accounts, try to log out and uninstall and reinstall (and login) rather than just switching accounts directly.

If your connection has issues try going to a reliable internet connection (coffee shop or friends house, whatever) and then moving it
Storing towers.

Good luck.

This signifies that the OP is new at posting to the forums:

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Ahh. Thanks.

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Thanks Lutrus. Hasn’t worked for me :frowning:. How do I get a developer to look at this? The help team just aren’t helping

Sounds like you may have tried this (I’m not sure because you don’t say that you did this exactly, just that you placed towers in storage), but I just take a tower out of storage and then put that same tower immediately back into storage and it has (so far) worked every time.

Hey OP,

You should try storing your towers.


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Resources, sure. Your base is easier to defeat, but gaining resources is bloody easy these days.

Upgrades, not really unless you are just furthering the point above, aka double dipping on your complaint

Chests, how the hell is this costing you chests? Seriously

Wars? Are you literally the biggest and best base on your team where you make the single difference between winning and losing? If so, why don’t you know how to fix this already?

Money? How?

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Wait so we’re supposed to know how to fix the game?? He is new to the forums, support is useless as ever he seems to have tried everything everyone says usually works anyway… the money thing yeah I don’t get that either but let’s put the blame where it belongs we shouldn’t have to go cross eyed making sure upgrades and/or changes we’ve made have ACTUALLY registered