Base questions/Feedback wanted

Below is a photo of my base. I am thinking of doing the following:

  • Transforming the storm on front half of kill island to an earth flak.
  • Transforming the cannon tower on the back half of kill island to another dark flak.

I currently have 164K embers. Thoughts?

Also, how much additional defense would I get out of leveling my perch to 50? Is it worth the experience and levels i would get? My goal here is to maximize defense. Forgetting perch for a minute, I’d like to be over 200b (boosted) defense at same level. I’m currently at 1.65b.

Rider is Leinlani in all elite fire gear (5/8 maxed) and perch dragon is mehaten. Leilani’s skill tree is HP focused.

Thanks in advance!


So a few things. Sure you could convert storm into Earth flak, won’t hurt. But I wouldn’t. Converting a non ember tower into an ember based tower is not worth the cost in my opinion and I wouldn’t build one from scratch as they arnt that much better than storm towers.

As for perch levelling it won’t be the Exp you gain or the DP. What you will gain is a perch that can actually do a bit of damage against someone of a similar level meaning they can’t leave it as a rage anchor. That’s the main advantage to a perch. I don’t think I would do it with your set up as the perch itself is not on a kill island. Better to risk the use of it as a rage drain for now.

Personally I don’t think you need an earth flak. An ice Flak would be more beneficial. Built from scratch. Do not make a second dark flak. And do not convert non ember towers into Flaks.

Transforming a level 55 storm will give you a level 36 earth flak and a 1.3m xp deficit according to

If you did the cannon too, you’d have double the xp deficit and two crummy flaks. Building them back up to 55 should get you your xp back at the cost of 31k embers and 355d of timers each.

What makes this seem like a good idea? Why replace your shield breaker with a second dark flak when you don’t have an ice flak? When are you unlocking 60s? Do you spend enough money on this game that you think you can maintain four flaks? If you want higher defense, build higher level towers and finish your gear.

I would probably transform one of the turrets to an ice flak if not a spender. If a spender, transform the cannon because spenders have a better chance of maintaining more premium towers and can more easily eat the timer loss. But getting your first five maxed should be the higher priority.


I suggest you don’t use the transform tower functions as you will get an enormous xp deficit which will hurt you much more than benefit you.

Mike - If I built an Ice flak from scratch, would I eventually merge into another tower? If so, which one? The storm? I suggested earth on the front of island, as it’s also a shield and does WAY more damage than a storm. Seems a better option than storm. At least from a war/atlas defending standpoint. ANd I built my base to be defended.

Henfon - I want higher defense at this level. I don’t care if it slows down my leveling as long as when I get back to this level my defense is higher.

you basically want to have two kills on that large island. Earth flak for that storm, ice flak for the cannon and probably a FF for the fire turret (tho the FF for the turret is not an immediate change, due to cost unless u can afford it) Depending how much xp merging will give u may be able to do one, whats ur max twr?

in that case, id build an Earth flak, FF and IF and merge towers into them, this would give u some xp to deal with but im sure it’d be fine given the amount of xp twrs give at higher lvls (ive gone through 1.5M xp pretty casually so its not that bad)

Edit: Adding those three towers and upgrading via merge will bring them up to 42 and somewhere in the 3 million xp deficit mark

No you would just build it up. Whatever tower you replace would go into storage and maybe use it to merge later into another tower once higher levels are available to you. I haven’t tested can, you partially merge a tower or does the whole tower disappear regardless?

Mike - Your chosen target tower stays and all merged towers disappear for good. So I could build an earth flak, as an example, from scratch. Once it got high enough I could merge the storm into it. The storm would disappear and the earth flak would gain a level or two (assuming).

Ya that doesn’t help though. So best to wait until you have like 5-10 levels to gain then merge it.

It will have to be a certain level before it’s even eligible. I dont know what the cap is but I’ll investigate. I think it’s level 10 or higher.

Ghost - I have level 60 towers unlocked. My builder hut is level 36.

Why don’t we make your Ember stock helps the costs? :wink:

Here's what I'd build

And here's how I'd merge towers

Less XP debt I believe.


So build So build 9 dark flak towers to the levels listed above and one ice flak to level 10. Then merge the 9 darks and the cannon tower into the ice flak? ANd that will only put me down 247K xp? And why lose the cannon first for an ice flak? Is that a better move than losing the storm for an earth flak?

Dark flak here can be replaced with other flaks (won’t change the result).

Yep, 247k exp after building those flaks.

For storm to Earth Flak, similar principle, but possibly slightly different tower combos

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See edit above. Is that a better move than doing the same thing but losing the storm for an earth?

I just prefer having Ice flak over Earth Flak :wink:
Try playing with

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So you’d advocate leaving the storm and the front of the island the way it is?

Just my preference (as I prefer disabling things than just shield).

Also, at the back, storm ss reacts slightly faster than earth flak

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