Base Redesign Challenge


I get tons of missions of the destroy 2 bases or 4 & 6…One of the 3 missions is usually one of these for me.


They have a solid level 320 base that might help you with where your at.
I don’t get max on it, get like 200k but at 185 you’d definitely get max.
Strong dragons use Andy but baby’s I use that 320.
Team name pretty sure is NoMoreXp I’ll have to double check.


Rage recovery on an Xp base?
I could see with a regular base…Love when farms up front or near front or even scattered.

But on an Xp base I can’t say rage has ever really been a problem.
I could kind of see health if flying Warriors mostly and using farms to possibly slow down gain rage & rejuv.
But even with warrior breeders I have to level, still have never noticed rage to be an issue on an Xp base.
And honestly on some of the higher Xp bases (Haven’t used this one) I’ve noticed with breeder warriors (Have no divine warriors) When farms scattered they can become pain in the ass in the back becaus Warriors are slow to kill towers if they heal one of those level 45-50 flaks once or twice that can be the end of the run lol.


Maybe you’ve been running good, well built xp bases then.


Thx I’ll check back to see if you post a name. Meanwhile I’ll go to the game and see if I can guess. Or maybe it’s one I use to have boomarked and lost, idk. I was using Omen before going to Empress.

Edit:. Oh and I am still getting max on Empress but I’m looking for one I’ll probably need after next fort.




Let me know when you make any changes and I will try it out and give feedback : )


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