Base redesign help needed!

Hi there guyz,i am looking for your assistance in redesigning my base.
I have some ideas that i would like to share with you.And i am looking for the best possible outcome .

Kill island with lv 32 towers and sorcerer on perch for boosted supershot.
Plans for this fort :lv up dark and ice turet atleast 1-2 levels and in the future to focus on them .
And if its the case to level the perch aswell to lv 21(curently is 16)in order to place a better dragon on it (was thinking about nydryr)

Followed by :
a) fire flak(lv28-planning to make it 31 this fort)
b) fire turet 32(planning to make it 33)/
c) storm lv 20 (leave it like this)
d)red mage 27(leave it)
and ice turet lv 26(planning to get it to 31)-as for runes i have legendary storm tower ss and would like to place a fire flak one as well.
Or option 2 :
Instead of the ice turet to place a cannon wich i plan to level to 30


Here 3 archer(25/24/23) with 25%legendary boost and 2 lightnings to fill it up.

I might jump some lvls if i do the archers but i was planning to do one atleast lv 27-28.Also same will apply for the cannon .

Also another idea was to make kill long isle with fire/dark/storm/blue/red followed by archer/cannon/ice/fire turets and a red mage .

The downside might be that ill jump to many levels as i started breeding sapphire dragons and i am looking for something on the long run that will help me have a solid base.

What do you guyz think of those ideas ?And what will be your recommandations

I recommend giving the Mechengg guide a good read:


Done that .
My problem is that i am of the charts when it comes to tower levels.According to the guide at 136 storm/dark/ice supposed to be 37 while i am 132 and they are lvl 32.-if i focus on them ill gain one lvl for each tower that i try to make to 37 lets say ,so thats alot of levels.
Thats why i am seeking assistance/guidance on how to proceed from this point as i know it might be hard but not impossible to optimize it as good as i can.
I like the guide and option#2

will suite me better but my main problem is that due to lightnings i over leveled to much and i am to the point on wich i dont know how to continue bc clearly ill gain more lvls and will be even more of the charts according to the guide .

that’s better, you can fix base atleast in next 50-60 levels if you follow that way. If you start upgrading others, you will be screwed even more by the time you reach level 200.
Better late than never!
I strongly suggest you not to look immediately after current fortification.
It will take quite some time, but will be worth it.

Let me see if i got it right.
Path#2 ice/flak/blue with storm and red mage.(flak in middle)
Followed by fire turet/archer in middle than cannon +red/blue mage in the back

Focus on ice/dark/storm and fire turet than on cannon and archer followed by mages and try to transition to #1 wich is flak/mage in middle/blue/storm/archer (forst long half) followed by blue mage/cannon ice turet in middle with red mage and fire turet in the back.

The downside of the path is archer is 25 and cannon is same lvl i think .My blue mages are lv 20 the remainning ones.

But you are saying in the next 50-60 levels ill be on the path that i was suppose to be at the moment? Or that the base will have some sort of fix ?
Also i have a 28 fire flak wich brought me to this situation and im planning in using it aswell alongside one of the layout mainly due to its effect wich i think it can provide a better defense.
What do you mean by “not to look immediatly after curent fort”?
For the curent fortification lets say should i focus more on kill island rather than projectile towers and the red mage and blue mage wich are lower?
Biggest issue is that i dont know how or when should i try bringing them at arround lv 35-36 as in the charts presented.On the long run as mentioned above i will not be in charts wich can screw me up.

half the base elemental, half non elemental.
so one fire turret, ice turret and then pick either Flak/Fire flak or ice flak as they require same resource

next non elemental: cannon, archer, STORM tower!!! Did i mention STORM TOWERS…

add red and blue mages and max those 10 (TEN) towers!!! After they are maxed, you can look to specialized defenses and expanding further than 10 defensive towers.

I hope you checked this out. This is one of the most lethal bases possible for level 250. I don’t know of any other player with even one level 56 tower.
I understand your feeling about fire flak and elementals, but from my understanding in wars you defend and your base may stand. Otherwise it’s most likely 5 flamed.
So for a defended base, the layout with only ONE kill box is best option since with each level increase, power increases exponentially.

Thank you for sharing this
It seems he followed path #2 wich ill stick with for a while.

Looking forward to more oppinions .

There is an idea of flak heavy base which I didn’t test personally, but concentrating on top seems best option at the moment.
Considering the following is damage power comparison of unboosted, no research towers

and the fact that fire turret is very slow to fire and easy to dodge.
Also remember that if such graph is plotted for supershots, Dark flak will be out of bounds of remaining towers and so impactful that all other towers dwarf in comparison.

Fire flaks and Ice flaks are towers i want to add to my top ten, but only after my top 5 towers reach max possible level by then.
The issue for free / elite to play is bottleneck of elemental embers. If you want any one of top 5, or maybe extending to top 6 have a fire flak/ Ice flak, it would be tough to find embers for levelling two flak towers and Dark flak can’t sacrifice even single level.
So while there may be good options, the best still seems to be this option.

I am still intrigued why people want to have half elemental half non-elemental bases? What’s the purpose of that? Scared of 2 dragons in game that have elemental barrier?

Also, all your models have your mages at low level, instead of focusing only on damage dealing towers your main focus should be mages and storm towers.


Hey Coach,
On a lighter note, what do you think about adding second flak and make it top 6 instead of top 5. How much impact will it have?
Since the new update in towers, I have been intrigued by fire flak’s fire power.

Haha, you’ll be amused when you see my base after this forti.

Here’s a sneak peak

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You are reading my mind :joy:
Sure hope its the Fire flak which is badass now.

I’ll actually open a discussion on my thread and see if there’s any feedback :slight_smile:

I dont neceserly want to do half alemental and half non elemental.
I am trying to fogure out what will be the best outcome for my base with what i have or atleast make an ideea what will take in order to not end up with an undefendable base .

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