Base review: L340 mid long

Hi, I just moved from a micro layout to mid long. I know I won’t have 10 maxed towers for another 100+ levels, but some towers like Ice Flak, Cosmic Orrery, or a second Red Mage are useful even below max. I want some compromise between good defense in Atlas and in wars. I cannot count on most attacks to be actively defended, so undefended performance also matters.

My main question for review is about the relative placement of towers on the middle long island. If moving something a little helps a lot, I would like to know. Another question is the rage drain island, do I need to improve anything there? Any other suggestions are also welcome.

Is there some common modern reference layout described somewehere, including the Orrery? I know earlier three lightnings in the back were popular, but by now I think there are better alternatives.

The ice turret here is a placeholder for Cosmic Orrery, which I will add later.

Thanks in advance!

Honestly tower selection seems pretty good here. The only thing I would consider is reordering some of the towers. In particular I think the Ice Flak going off quickly is important so moving that to the front five instead of the fire flak is a good idea.

When you have the orrery I would consider swapping its position with the Crystal Howitzer, it will help move the dragon into range of the howitzer.

Oh and if you have the ability to sustain another flak/Orrery, upgrading the storm to an earth flak or Cosmic Orrery is a good idea. They are straight up better than the storm in almost every way…


Thanks for your advice!

I will consider trying this idea, although I think this might be good for active defense at the expense of undefended. Ice flak has a long range, so my idea was to let them all concentrate fire at the same time near the first half of the island. The same logic applies to Howi and the Pylon.

Yes it does look like the Orrery would work better in the middle. I wanted to keep Howi closer to the front, but if the Orrery usually pulls the dragon closer, that also works. Hmm, now I wonder if I should move the dark flak back a little because of this pull effect, and just keep the mages on the front edge.

I’ve been thinking about that. Right now I have about 400k embers in reserve, but I heard the flaks would get expensive around tower level 90, so as f2p I hesitate to commit to too many of them.

Honestly looks good. If you end up leaning more towards active defense then I think switching the fire and ice flaks might work well (or even transforming the fire flak to a 2nd ice flak).
Then also as previously mentioned maybe think about moving the orrery further up but you’d probably have to experiment to figure out which is the best tower to push to the back.

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