Base Runes: What Needs to be Done

Hello, here is my proposal for the base runes as of now. I thought base runes didn’t make much of a difference unless you had Elemental Tower runes but I changed my mind while looking at my base runes and trying to rune my base all over again. I 100% think base runes should be able to be moved for a cheaper price (rubies) however this is a different topic.

Frenzy Vs Striker

As you can see in the image above, the trebuchet strker increases supershot damage by 13% and the lightning frenzy only increases the attack speed by 1.6%. Correct me if I’m wrong but the frenzy rune is practically useless for which 1.6% is so little. The striker rune actually gives a significant buff and keep in mind this is just a rare rune. Players can place 2 runes and 3 glyphs on an island (if all is rare) this means that you can increase an archer/cannon/treb/fire turret supershot damage by 65%.

With that being said, please do something about the frenzy runes.

Runes that Do NOT Support the Tower's Purpose

First, why are there only frenzy and striker runes for the good towers and ballistas have these different type of runes? Ballistas are useless, these runes are useless!

Mage towers are not on people’s bases to do damage with the supershot. The purpose of these towers is to block dragon spells and drain rage with the supershot. I would like to see “Rare Rage Drain,” that increases the rage stolen from a Blue or Red Mage supershot by 0.2 rage points. The amount stolen and name are just examples.

The purpose of the storm tower is to shield and protect other towers not to do damage. The supershot does barely any damage if not 0 damage, therefore this rune is a waste. Instead, I would like to see “Rare Storm Endurance,” that increases the duration of the supershot by 0.3 seconds OR “Storm HP,” that obviously increases the HP of the storm tower. The duration buff and names are just examples.

PG mentioned on fixing the Ice Turret Frenzy Runes due to the fact that Ice Turret attack is constant. This means that Ice Turret Frenzy runes do NOTHING. And why the hell is the modifier red mage supershot damage!?! Please make the modifier effect actually worthwhile.

Creating New Runes Specifically for each Tower

Range runes are asked for repetitively because they work on every tower and promote different strategic base designs. Maybe create a “Range Rune,” that buffs the range of all the towers on the island. Is that too OP?

Trebuchet: Runes that buff stun duration and range should be added.
Cannon: Runes that buff supershot flight speed and range should be added.
Storm: Supershot duration must be added.
Archer: Range runes
Fire Turret: Frenzy runes of this tower must actually work and be obtainable through silver chests or event prizes (not just runic chests)
Ice Turret: HP shielding runes
Dark Flak: I’m not even sure if there are flak tower runes in runic chests yet (not Flak Resist). Anyways, Stun duration and range should be added along with the Dark Flak Frenzy and Strikers.
Fire Flak: Again, no runes for the Fire Flak yet, but supershot duration/damage reduction % runes would be nice.
Ice Flak: Again, no runes for the Ice Flak yet. Runes affecting the basic attack damage and a special rune that allows the supershot to vanish the precasted AOE (mostly red) spells. can be added. Notice I don’t say supershot duration because I think 1.5s is enough and either way it does its job of stopping elemental barrier, northern lights, etc.
Ballista: Nothing for this :slight_smile: Lol
Lightning: Debatably range because this tower already is used for the way it attacks combined with the range it already has (70).
Mage Towers:
Red Mage: Runes affecting the range of the red spell blocking barrier
Blue Mage: Runes affecting the range of when the mage disables blue spells
Sidenote: Rage Drain Runes as mentioned above
Farms & Mill: Health Runes

So Many Runes!!! How to Acquire these Runes?

Every player has a different base setup and in these setups different towers are used. Because of this I don’t think rune acquiring should be random through silver or runic chests. Event Prizes are a great way to get these runes however people always complain about the runes in the prizes. For example, I actually use Trebuchets (if you want why, ask) and people complain about the trebuchet striker runes in the achievement prize. This results in PG having to put a bit of everything into prizes and chests.

  • I know that Crafting Runes is an old topic that has been discussed countless times however in this case this would actually be a good idea IMO.
  1. Crafting Runes cost Rune Dust (now that it is a rare resource I support crafting runes)
  2. Players can select a modifier for epic+ (PG let the players do the work lol)
  3. Crafting Runes only for base or dragons too?
  • Multiple Chests: Runic Chests will be divided into Base Runic Chests and Dragon Runic Chests. Of these two chests, the player can select 1 tower/dragon buff rune that they want a higher chance of dropping.
    Example: Dark Flak (Base) … Rage Generation (Dragon)
  1. If the player opens 10 chests, they are guaranteed at least 1 rune of the selected buff.
  2. These chests will rotate around silver chests just like they do now.
  • Add all these runes to silver chests and let the player choose:
  1. Base — 1 tower
  2. Dragon — 1 dragon buff

I think it would be nice to have a Season Rune Tab with Rune Dust in it :wink: .
Option 1: Base Runes

  1. Starting at Common…then Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic.
  2. Runic Chests here and there
  3. Rune Dust here and there

Option 2: Dragon Runes

  1. Starting at Common…then Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic
  2. Runic Chests here and there
  3. Rune Dust here and there


Comment any Questions, Opinions or Critiques…


The only issue I have with your nearly perfect plan (as far as I can see) is that the farm runes are health. If I want runes for my farms and mills I would like a production bonus. Otherwise I support this thread. :+1:

Why? I’d much prefer the health bonus to help defend attacks. Production bonuses make such a small difference, basically making them irrelevant - you can raid the difference in production in one loot run…

And I like the proposed changes :+1:


This is where they can add a modifier to legendary and mythic farm and mills. Personally HP is more important to me too. So I recommend rare, and epic to be HP and legendary HP and production. I love your plan and I too believe runes and glyphs need a serious revamp!

Production rare rune gives +1.6% production at level 1 if I recall correctly. So not much there. We already have healing striker so the health runes won’t change much unless the HP given is like +50% (way to much).

Nice proposal.
A huge revamp of runes (Dragon AND Base runes) is long overdue.

On a stream several weeks ago, @PGCoffee (pretty sure it was him) promised that we will see working on the rune system.
Here and there we saw a few runes added but nothing drastic. Silver Chests still suck and there was no new update yet about what‘s to come.

Hope there are some good news from PG, we‘re staying tuned!

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I remember @PGCoffee saying that he believes that runes are a huge part of the game and we will see new runes in a season or two. We shall see…

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This is fantastic, well thought out, and very deserving of implementation. I hope PG is taking notes.

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