Base self attack

PG should make a feature where you can attack your own base to see if your level dragons can destroy it. This would help a lot to tell you how strong your base is.


I would like a friendly attack feature that lets you hit anyone in your team including yourself. Perhaps a white banner on the attack screen.

It wouldn’t award any XP or medals to you as attacker or steal any RSS. It also wouldn’t pay +3 rubies if you flopped.

However all consumables spent would be permanently lost like a nornal attack.

The main purpose for me would be to see where 71% is for myself and team members and test a few configurations out ( i.e. new volt tower paired with lightning ) without needing to wait for a replay or pestering my 5ta to hit me.

A secondary purpose might be to test the base 3D. Easier way for CF members to make their videos without needing to use line groups.

The flip side is that this feature is more of a nice to have rather than a mandatory feature (because there are manual work arounds) so I suspect allocating development resources here when there are higher priority items is the challenge.

Perhaps something for a grad to tackle or an internal hackathon!


Or they can make\create a event, maybe a mini event that we have to battle our own ghost team.
The same as they made a ghost team in the past from the xpfarmloose team.

Than we can try out all our team members there bases, provide them with tips and tricks to improve, maybe even during that event, if it does after 24h a refreashing of the ghost team.

Do you get to defend against yourself too?

Testing whether your base is strong enough for your dragons doesn’t really work if you don’t have defenders. undefended bases are considerably weaker than defended ones (particularly when the owner is the defender).

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I hope that in some way we could defend our own base than yes, as only than we might be able to kill a dragon and test different setups.

When I asked that same question alot of individuals said that’s stupid

To be fair, it really doesn’t matter when there is no end game. New towers makes you weaker so all the work, money doesn’t matter because every time a new tower level comes out all bases become weaker. Spend more to get it back up. Back in the day you didn’t need base boost just another way to cover up your base strength it’s just wrong there are many dragons to choose from but you only get one base!

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