Base Skin for every Season

Dear community,

I for one love the idea of base skins. It‘s a good way to show enemies what one has accomplished. I got both mythics last season - in expectation that I also get a base skin to „show off“ to my attacker.

What about you?

  • I want the base skin I earned!
  • I don‘t want it.
  • I don‘t care.
  • I didn‘t get both mythics.

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Once again a poll with bad options only.

Nobody “earned” a base skin in the past few seasons because there was never a base skin on offer.

It would be nice if base skins were re-introduced, but there’s absolutely zero reason why two mythics would always have to give people a base skin, just because a few old seasons had that. Might as well demand the mythic you “earned” when you got 3 keys last summer, just because some older seasons gave a mythic for 3 keys.


Personally I have to advise strongly against giving PG any need ideas. Look at the last two that they have introduced alone. Huge huge HUGE power complexities and dragon missions that require both mythics of a season that we are only in week 3 of… even such a simple idea ass skins MAY be, let’s just not do it right now