Base Skins Blog Post Discussion Thread

Link to the blog post here:

Please discuss the blog post below!

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I was definitely hoping for something more interesting than blue and purple roofs, but more purchasable/earnable cosmetics are a decent extension vector.


Sorry, is this already on? How do I access them?

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So much advertisement, several updates and all for three roof colors, two of which are bought for money? This could wait one more week and be released on April 1st :ok_hand:t3:

I was imagining snowy themes, Halloween, sakura blooming and so on, Just like it was in previous seasons. especially if that could be winnable it might be a great feature, but apparently my expectations are way too high…

If you can develop something better from this, it can be a great addition, honestly, but as it is now it’s just very disappointing to say the least.


I just have to ask… why? I really dont see the purpose of changing the color of the roof of buildings we never really look at. I thought maybe this would have been for past seasonal base skins like the Fall one with the green lava or the winter one covered in snow. At least that would have justified doing this but different colored roofs? Possibly the most pointless visual change since everything went orange and brown


Blog first says this:

Introducing the new Base Skins that will be available to Dragon Lords starting today!

And then says:

Once the feature is available

Sooooooo which is it?
(And considering that I don’t see anything where the blog post says to go…?)

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All of this. :point_up:
This is a big let down after all the hype. I can only hope that this will open the door for more skins in the future. And preferably not ones you have to get in the store. Make it a special limited branch or something, like the rune and timer lines.


As stated long ago, this is also true for Dragons…
But only if they aren’t too expensive.

So, instead of fixing the game quality Red Mage aura problem, different color roofs went on sale. I see the usual priorities still win. $$$


Good catch! This feature is not on yet but will be soon. Corrected the blog to reflect that.

:smirk: Well, it’s a start
expecting gingerbread house and chocolate lava from Breeding Castle next


You have to buy this? :man_facepalming:

How much is changing the color of a Couple roofs going to cost?

Totally agree there should be much more to this! It could be a good feature :roll_eyes:

Make it to where you can change the style of buildings & color, maybe customize monuments? And have ways to earn, not just buy it lol, maybe get X amount of keys and get different skins or you get both mythic gears in atlas unlock a different base skin? Something like that would be much better then this!


No way PG charges for these. That would be an insult. The question is why? Scrub the ideal until it is worthwhile. Color changes to the roof. Are you serious? Man please.


Setting aside the disappointment from the fact that this is the most boring way you could allow us to customize our bases (other games allow cosmetic changes of the building structure itself.)

Could we please stop getting unnecessary updates to game cosmetics when there are issues in the game mechanics that are far more pressing?

I mean, how many times does the player base have to say it before you guys realize we want fixes for the game, not cosmetic changes? No more updates until you guys are pushing out ACTUAL fixes.

So in case you missed it:

Stagnation in atlas, mega alliances, unreasonable glory mechanics, castle depth, game economy. THOSE are issues worth working on. The color of the roof of my storage hut? Not a priority.


Yay! I think this is a nice first step down the cosmetics path.

I admit I was also was hoping for something like the winter or halloween themes for the whole base, or different styles of base buildings, like the Japanese-style ones from Sakura’s season (I can think of so many possibilities), so this is admittedly…not as exciting. But I hope that lies in the future (along with some more purchaseable portraits)!

I’m definitely okay with paying for cosmetics (they don’t affect progression which is great), but I do hope the price is commensurate with what it is; PG has thus far been terrible at assigning value to their packs. If this is just an add-on to a current $99 pack, well no thanks. I want to give PG my money; I don’t mind paying for my entertainment. But it has to be worth it.

This reminds me that in a bizarre advertisement for WD I saw, it showed the ability to choose dragon colors. I don’t think that’s ever been a thing, but I hope that’s also actually in the pipe. I want a pink Noctarn! :heart_eyes:


Would love the Halloween and Winter base skins to be available for all players who were active during those seasons.


At least you guys had put some effort in during Springblossom when you changed the architecture of the buildings and gave the base a Japanese look…

Ohh come on guys. Stop complaining :crazy_face:. This is all for the prestige :joy:.

couldnt care less for this update :roll_eyes:


My mom always told me if I can’t say something nice I shouldn’t say anything at all. Well…