Base stuck on lvl 61

Hi guys! I got stuck on lvl 61. Im upgrading towers but the Xp is gone so I can’t lvl up. I reinstalled 3 times but still nothing! Any ideas what to do ?

Have you ever done merge / transform thing?

How many XP required for level up? (tap your xp bar)
Like this

Yes i have merged and transform towers. But not in the last 7 days. I just upgrade towers.

Ah, I see your problem. Simply, you merged too much.
Keep upgrading things until it’s down to 0, and you’ll level up :blush:


155 k I uploaded it in the previous

That is still your debt since that merge. You have to fill those 155k before you will level even once.


oh Thanks guys! I didn’t realise it works that way ! Thank you uou! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi there, like you merge and Transform towers MANY MANY TIMES, you will be stuck in that lvl, srry, but It’s true, when you merge/transform towers, you will need more XP to lvl up, that is “wth”, yes, I will edit this message now, I will explain a lil more, I’m spanish, so I dont explain very well.
See, I’m lvl 90 and see what amount of XP I need to lvl up :
[Idk how to put images lol, but I need a lil more than 30K XP, and Im not to lvl up]

Read, when I was lvl 45 (2 forts ago) my base was very long, so I needed to transform and merge towers to do better my base and more strong, but I dont knew that I would need more XP, normally I needed like 20K or less i dont remember, but I saw that I needed more than 60K XP. That scared me bc I wont lvl up bc I needed many XP, but I leveled up at least and see, lvl 90, I wont do that again. Hope you understood, if not, tell me please, I will try to explain more.

don’t worry… I understood! My mistake :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

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Ok, do u readed all? I edited this like 2 times more due to the fails, because of my keyboard lol, I write really fast.
I think you need to start again, and quit this account, if u do that, it will be better, you will know how to play, etc.
I think you need to follow guides too, when you start that new account.
If you stay with this account, you won’t be able to lvl up more I think, bc you have a max to lvl up towers and others things, I think you understood this phrase. Thanks for read.
One guide is “Red’s guide”, it’s a breeding guide, idk if u know this, but it’s a very good guide.
Good day!!