Base wrong setup

What can I do about my base setup being wrong when people attack me. I was shuffling some towers around yesterday and settled on a design. This was at least 12 hours ago, I’ve been attacked twice in the last hour and the base is setup as it was at some point during the shuffle. I tried placing the towers in storage and back down but not sure if this has fixed the issue.

Hey there!
Use this guide if you want some extra advice with your base:

If you want us to help you with your base please post a screenshot here on the forums.

To update your base (if u made changes) just store a tower and put it back. It works for me every time :slight_smile: Or you could restart the WD app and wait a few minutes.

That’s the problem I was having. The base was not showing properly while getting attacked. I have the base set as I want it to but it is not showing as I have it set. I tried storing and resetting a couple of towers. Didn’t work.

Take one tower , put it in and out of the storage. That will fix it.

Idk what to say…if storing doesn’t work, maybe redownload the game (make sure u have pocket ID) or make a ticket

Put a tower into storage , bring it out, then restart game

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