Base XP for leveling up


Does anyone know of a good source to find the number of xp required for each level of a base? I could not find it on amoeba’s site, although I may have overlooked it.

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The answer is at

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↑ Exp = means the amount of XP needed to level up
Max Exp Earned = Max amount of XP you can earn for your dragons.

I don’t know if this answers your question.


To add to @Kenshiki point, you have to subtract the xp to determine the xp needed per level. That’s really confusing so let me illustrate.
Level 135 says 3,579,879 xp, level 136 says 3,620,679. Subtracting 135 from 136 gives you 40,800 xp inbetween levels. It’s pretty much that amount until level 200 ish


That makes sense, but is always that linear?


And I mean the actual base xp, which you get by building towers.

@kenshiki I just checked your link. That is what I needed.



Oh, tower xp? That’s on this page:


Thank you both.

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