Base XP to Level up is buggered

After using tower transformation I now need to upgrade 16 buildings to go up one level.
Before it was 3

Should have used the tools provided here?

There have been many warnings. PG giveth, and they taketh away…

(Still super sorry for your predicament.)


There is also a big warning popup explicitly warning you of this when you do a transform. Quite hard to miss really.


The comments indicate you are totally not getting it!
The issue is not the transformation, and the slight lowering of level with change of tower

Prior to this it took 3 tower upgrades to level up base, now this seems to have multiplied what is needed to level up your base by a factor of 5
Instead of upgrade 3 towers for a base level it now takes 16 tower upgrades

It is you who are not getting it, sorry.

Building towers gives you base xp. Transforming towers didn’t make you lose BASE levels or this xp when those Towers disappeared but added xp to reach your next base level.

This is why your next level takes so much xp. In certain case this can make you temporarily unable to level up due to the sheer amount of xp you need to catch up.


You essentially got yourself into exp debt. Once you level up once it’ll go back to normal


Your new total xp is your old xp minus the xp of the towers you destroyed in merges/transforms plus the xp of the towers you created or upgraded in merges or transforms.

XP1 = XP0 - xp_donated + xp_recvd

XP1 can be the same or less, but never greater than XP0, and if it’s less, then as you’ve seen you need more builds to level up.

The difference can be a lot especially if you lost a lot of tower levels in your merges/transforms. For example if you transform a storm tower into an earth flak you get a much lower level earth flak and lose a lot of XP. If you’re merging you really have to watch the result level and “required xp” fields because it’s pretty counterintuitive.

Anyone who hasn’t done this yet, it’s really worth playing around with some options and using a spreadsheet or website to plan your changes.


should watch the xp deficit as you merge towers…

Right Got it, so instead of just lowering the base level as I was expecting, it has stayed at the same Base level but continued to lower the XP.

Yep, that mechanic is great IMO.
As level is bound (spaghettically, or whatever you’d call it), keeping the level while lowering exp is much better than lowering the level.


Is amazing for those who built excess towers, and if done at the right level, after getting high enough for say the next breed tier your going into, then you merge and have a deficit, so you can continue to level your base without leveling too far over the breed tier, or to help you catchup on breeding.

The way I look at it, is if you want an equal trade, you need to pay the cost of resources it takes to level up your newly transformed tower to the level of the previous tower.

If you prefer watching a video I describe it and show how you can tell how much exp deficit you’ll get (it’s the last vid in this post):

Also, lowering the level will produce so many other side effects such as - den cap, builders hut and other associated issues.

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