Bases for resourse, chests and quests

Hey everyone

Since theres quests going on and theses quests make league more interactive and help full, i want to get list of bases to farm xp, resourse and those do 60 attacks of quests easily.

It will be usefull for everyone and we all be using that list. Some good and easy high lvl bases will be nice.

I prefer the person whose base is here let us use it without any problem.

Will be adding all i founf or u guys suggest.

Thank you all.

Chests bases:

The :mag_right: button is your friend.

There is also a list on


I search but still there must be some good bases that i cant find my own. I will check that list. Thank you.


Capital F in farms will take you to non-existent page :slight_smile:


Thank you a looot been searching for it

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