Bases organized in war menu

The bases How they are organized now is Alphabetical order or by medal count?
This was not such a great idea lol… Scrolling over a team before war is a lot more difficult it should have stayed player level or even defensive # either would have worked but now it’s all over the place now.
Changing this back to level or something else would be greatly appreciated :grin:


I agree. It was much easier to scroll down by player level. Now you have to dig through it to find your opponent. Feels like a great deal of work.

You can tap to change the criteria of sorting, attemps, flames etc.
But yeah the base sorting is kind of weird :joy::joy::joy:

I get that but going over bases before war. Just makes for more work then it should be.

All that sorting and not by player level… :upside_down_face:

Agree with both of you but it’s PG UI remember :wink:

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