Basic Functions to help Atlas

@PGDave Right now whenever you want to do an action it requires both troops and a primarch. The issue with troops is they could be anywhere so you have to essentially move your primarch somewhere, pick them up and then head off to where you are trying to go? I get this is supposed to be a more tactical war game but now it is getting into the actual logistics a bit much which probably is not that enjoyable for people. Perhaps able to virtually transfer troops but has a time needed while they are being transferred? Possibly the same with Primarchs?

Additionally, every function requires a primarch, possibly reduce the amount of actions that require a primarch?


What does a virtual Primarch transfer look like? Like teleporting/flying instead of traveling along the roads?

Which functions would you propose eliminating the need of a Primarch for? Mines and Poachers seem like obvious candidates; fwiw, they currently function as they do for consistency … fighting in Atlas always requires moving to your target.

Flying maybe yes? It still takes time but you are less likely to get lost and into random blockades? At this point nobody really goes to one unless it is intentional and the old “trap” function of the blockers of beta is gone so there really isnt as much of a need? Getting somewhere is probably almost half the battle in Atlas.

As far as primarchs, I just meant perhaps have them be more combat only oriented. You build them up for attacking/defending specifically? Maybe even evnetually get to the point where you can attack without one but a primarch adds a bonus? Say, normal regular attack kills 100 troops standard but with a primarch you can then do up to 10k? Just an idea to allow for more flying/attacking but keeping primarchs relevant?

Right now there are just so many tasks and you have 1-2 primarchs to do it all with. This leads to people having to do significantly more steps:

In the regular game when you open it, you can attack with 3 clicks, Atlas you have to first find your target, then get there which could take an hour and significantly more clicks/actions, then get there and wait for x number of teammates to arrive because if you didnt bring the exact right primarch you now have to turn around, go home and refill and then spend another hour getting back. What use to be a 5 sec process has now become 3 hours.

Additionally, it is SO team oriented that you cant do anything outside of poacher/mine runs by yourself really, at least not effectively.

For troop transfers, instead of having to physically go to an island and refill…maybe have it take 20 min? Just like gold? Not sure if this would be positive or negative overall but if travel was more straight line (as they are dragons) this would help with basic movement?

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Couldn’t this just lead to 1 troop/various other “loopholes” 2.0? :see_no_evil: though the general idea of of it is nice

Possibly, just hoping they fix 1 troop/hoopholes 1.0 haha

Agreed, I get a little more frustrated w/ the clickiness of the atlas ui everyday. I know a lot on our team feel the same way.

as far as Panda’s idea, I like the virtual transfer of troops from primarch to primarch, garrison to primarch, etc. this becomes a the further apart your clusters are located.

I’d like to see a combo Move and attack selection for mines/poachers, and a fix for the move bug where the system doesn’t recognize that you’ve moved your primarch is there. (You click attack, system says you must move here first, but when you click move again, it says you are already there.

@PGDave One big reason why teams hold so much land is because they need to be able to get places…a 5 hour delay can be a huge problem. Having easier/simplified/freer movement would allow teams to decrease land ownership while still allowing teams to move about?


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